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  1. Did I make the right choice by switching boxes?

    I started beekeeping with 2 hives this year. The second one I started was a nuc of "northern Maine survivor bees" (I'm on the NH Seacoast). They're kind of mean, so I haven't been opening the hive as...
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    Re: Ants 'stealing' bee larvae

    I thought the ants were carrying away bee larva, but I'm pretty sure now they were raising ant larva on the inner cover. Whenever I'd open the cover, each ant would pick one of them up and scurry...
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    Re: Ants 'stealing' bee larvae

    I have the same problem with a nuc I just installed. Tons of carpenter ants stealing larva :-( I'm going to try to find the ant hive but it's in some pretty dense grass so I'm not all that hopeful.
  4. Thread: Ants

    by unhdude

    Re: Ants

    I've got big ants crawling up a new hive (from a 5 frame nuc) going in between the inner and outer cover, and carrying away tons of what looks like little brood.

    I tried flipping the inner cover...
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    Re: Likely places to get stung?

    My friend put a frame down by his feet, and had a bee crawl up his pants and sting him right on his member this past Saturday. I don't think he'll ever forget to tuck in his pants again :-)
  6. Late start getting a laying queen - will my bees be able to build up enough?

    I just started beekeeping with a friend this year.... here's how my timeline has gone so far.

    April 26: I get a package of Italian bees. The queen cage has a bunch of bees that look the same size...
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    Re: how is everybody's flow going?

    We had an awesome year for dandelions in NH. Most of them are setting seed right now. It's been raining pretty heavily though, so they've only flown a day or two in the past week. I'm just getting...
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    Re: Killer Blue Jays?!!

    What about a slingshot? Fire an acorn or two at it... it wouldn't be lethal or make any noise, but might scare it off. It might not be *strictly* legal but if no one was looking at the time it might...
  9. Re: Question about bees eating through queen cage candy

    Thanks Michael - I googled JZBZ cage and that is indeed what I had! Yesterday when I got home from work I opened up the little plastic cap, but hadn't read your post yet so I didn't open up the big...
  10. Re: Question about bees eating through queen cage candy

    Is there a way to tell for certain that I don't have a queen? When I first took the original queen cage out of the package, I was a little surprised to see that all the bees looked the same size. I...
  11. Re: Question about bees eating through queen cage candy

    I just looked at the forecast, and it's supposed to be raining all week. Do you think I should go in again even if it's sprinkling? I guess on the upside, she'd be less likely to fly away then. When...
  12. Question about bees eating through queen cage candy

    I got a new queen last week when it became clear that my package either didn't have one (all the bees in the queen cage were the same size) or she was a dud. No eggs after a couple of weeks.

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    Re: RUSSIAN Queen Wanted in SE New Hampshire

    Hey Bob,

    I'm also in SE New Hampshire (Just up 125 from you by looking at your signature)! I recently picked up a russian / carniolan cross queen from over in tyngsboro for $25...
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    Re: bees with small eyes

    I'm betting it's young bees as well, but I guess it is possible that one of the drones the queen mated with was her sibling or something. Even if that were the case, it's probably not a huge deal if...
  15. Re: Varroa - are they more an issue with Italian bees?

    Hmm, well I guess this doesn't specifically say they do it all winter, just that they do it after the honey flow stops :

    I do want to get my...
  16. Varroa - are they more an issue with Italian bees?

    I'm new to all this and don't really know what I'm talking about, but have an inquisitive mind and just wanted to start a discussion.

    From what I've heard, Italians (and some other races I'm...
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    Re: Critique Sought

    I'm new, so take this all with a grain of salt...

    Maybe your queen was a virgin and had to go on a mating flight? That's probably unlikely but I'm just brainstorming.

    In terms of the burr...
  18. Re: Hive Top Feeder...With or Without Inner Cover????

    Are you putting the inner cover above or below the feeder? I have one of those trough style feeders, getting my bees on Tuesday :-)
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    Re: Formic Acid Resistance

    My guess is that resistance could build to pretty much anything - especially to a substance which is meant to kill one arthropod and not another, as opposed to something like bleach which probably...
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