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  1. Re: To screen or not to screen...

    To decide whether to use a SSB or not would be to understand Varroa mite behavior in relation to the Screen Bottom Board. Simply stated- the purpose of a SSB is to separate the little bugs from the...
  2. Re: To screen or not to screen...

    Wax moth problem is a very real possibility if the sliding board is not pulled out and cleaned off. I solve any wax moth problem on the sliding boards by not using sticky boards and brushing the...
  3. Re: To screen or not to screen...

    I put screen bottom boards on all my hives. The greatest importance of the SBB is in an IPM program for varroa mite control. SBB for ventilation seems to have taken on a life of it's...
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    Re: TBH and Varroa control

    Mike, drlonzo is correct, the bees build all the drone comb they want in free comb hives and usually wouldn't take to drone foundation. The reason drone comb foundation works so well in Langstroth...
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    Re: Warre - Top Entrance

    I keep bees in Warres in Washington state, it's probably wetter but milder then your location. My experience with upper entrances has been a rather interesting journey. Over the years I...
  6. Re: Source for better packages later in the season?

    What's happening through our club is that we don't have the larger keeper members to go to for local nucs and packages. There are a few that can produce a few, but most of us hang on to whatever we...
  7. Source for better packages later in the season?

    Is there a source for good packages with good queens later in the year then the packages offered in April ? Local club here is searching for a better quality of packages then we have been receiving....
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    Re: Varroa Mite mobility?

    My understanding of that phenomenon is that the mites ride on bees drifting from hive to hive in the apiary.
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    Re: Varroa Mite mobility?

    This appears to confirm some of what I have found about these mites. They appear helpless unless there is a bee nearby or they simply spend the time sitting and waiting for a bee to come nearby. ...
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    Varroa Mite mobility?

    After exhausting scientific research papers and books that I can find, I still haven't been able to answer this question for a Varroa mite presentation I am giving next month;
    Without the benefit of...
  11. Identifying little black ants

    Does anyone know the specific identity of the tiny black ants that sometimes live in my hives?
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    Re: Package queens?

    I may have misunderstood the answer or not asked the question clearly on the phone call I made inquiring as to whether the package queens were AI or not. The person on the phone did say they were...
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    Package queens?

    Up here in the Pacific Northwest we get our packages from Northern California at the end of April. I know the specific packages we get through the club have artificially inseminated queens. My...
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    Syrup ph

    I know this subject has been discussed on this forum. I am not asking to open it up again, I'm asking for help to find the threads. Maybe I am over thinking how to find threads, but I seem to have...
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    Re: Warre dimensions question

    One thing about bees, they will set up house keeping in just about any kind of acceptable cavity and do just fine. The only thing I can see that may be a problem when altering hive designs...
  16. How can one tell the difference between sugar syrup "honey" and real honey?

    Specifically- is it possible to tell the difference while the sugar syrup honey is still in the comb? I was asked by the group I mentor, didn't know the answer and I hate to look like a dumbie. ...
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    To feed or not to feed?

    Here's what is happening in our neck of the woods- Warm sunny days, freezing nights, frost in the morning. The bees are active, out during the day and collecting dandelion pollen. The big debate in...
  18. Harsh winter, bee package availability this spring?

    Is it too early to start predicting the availability of packaged bees this spring with the brutal winter we're having?
  19. Re: Why the end bars on frames are built like that?

    So my understanding is that the only reason the side bars touch like that is for frame spacing. Is the spacing part of the bar being half way down the bar an arbitrary design? I am going to build...
  20. Why the end bars on frames are built like that?

    Why are the end bars on frames designed to touch together each other half way down then open to a bee space?
  21. Re: Warre / Newbee trounces Oldtimer/Lang in competition

    "That your sample size is too small to be statistically significant?"
    I agree Michael, the number of hives is okay, but there should just be way more beekeepers involved in on the sample size. :) ...
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    Wasp-looking like- bees

    I noticed I have bees in one of my hives that appear to have the body shape that looks wasp like. They are dark and banded with elongated skinny bodies. The abdomen ends in a point, I swear I know...
  23. Re: Simplified Inch Dimensions & Using As Bait Hive

    Round the measurements to the nearest workable number i.e. 8 9/32" is 8 1/4" - 1/32" under a 1/2" is 1/2" Even with state of the art saws and craftsmanship getting hives within
    1/32" is near...
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    Re: Where did my bees go?

    Sounds like the hive swarmed-
    I will sum up what a colony swarming for a natural beekeeper means by quoting an experienced Top Bar keeper, "I must be doing something right, they swarmed twice this...
  25. How long to leave queen in cage, introduced into exisiting colony

    Just installed a new queen in a cage into an existing colony. Don't ask, I know for sure the old queen is gone, my fault. Anyway, in the past I've just put the candy plug in and set her in the...
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