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  1. Re: fixing a laying worker hive late in season

    My experience with laying worker hives is they are not worth the hassle of trying to 'fix'. Just dump them out in front of some other hives and dont waste your time and money trying to 'save' them.
  2. Re: Is this normal behavior Its been Around 100 degrees outside With pics

    Its normal.

    You can ventilate the top cover by putting a stick or a clump of grass underneath the inner cover and then putting the top back on a little bit lopsided. That will probably help the...
  3. Re: I probably just squished my new queen. Advice please?

    I wouldnt worry about it too much just yet. Maybe check around and see if there are any suppliers in your area, but for now I would just wait a few days, then go back into the hive and see if you...
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    Re: When does a hobby become a business?

    Just to clarify, you can deduct hobby expenses to the extent of hobby income. You cannot deduct hobby expenses if you have no income from that hobby, although it would be nice!
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    Re: Plastic Frames-Biggest Mistake Yet

    I use Pierco black plastic frames and I think they are great. I also use wooden foundationless. I am to lazy to mess with foundation. I think the plastic frames are the best, but the wooden...
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    Re: Ant problem. How to get rid of them.

    Ive tried ground cinnamon, but it never seems to deter the ants. Are these small colonies of ants really causing much trouble? I just brush them off onto the ground and step on them whenever I...
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    Re: Need Advice ASAP

    An inch of dead bees on the bottom of the package can be totally acceptable. Five inches of dead bees would be another story.

    Most likely your package is fine, but if you want an absolute answer...
  8. Re: How long can capped brood live out of hive

    If they are dead the bees will clean it out. I would leave it in the hive and leave it alone.
  9. Re: Should I check for queen release today?

    I wouldnt worry about losing a few eggs. The bees dont have many resources in them, and a queen can lay a bazillion eggs.
  10. Re: Backyard Pesticide Use May Fuel Bee Die-Offs

    I have no idea why the dosage changed. However, that doesnt mean we should assume that it is because the researchers were sneaky hippies trying to prove pesticides are bad, as many people in this...
  11. Re: Backyard Pesticide Use May Fuel Bee Die-Offs

    You talk about insecticides being sold to kill insects. Well are you now saying that these insecticides do in fact kill bees and should be banned, or are you confused? The question is not whether...
  12. Re: Backyard Pesticide Use May Fuel Bee Die-Offs


    If studies show that imidacloprid has these effects, then it is significant and scientists will do more studies to see if other neonicotinoids have the same results.
  13. Re: Backyard Pesticide Use May Fuel Bee Die-Offs

    The percentage of corn treated with imidacloprid is not really relevant. There are lots of other neonicotinoids used today, and imidacloprid has mostly been replaced by newer versions. Obviously...
  14. Re: Backyard Pesticide Use May Fuel Bee Die-Offs

    Yes, they increased the dosage.

    However, Randy Oliver claims they decided to do this halfway through the study when they realized they werent getting the results they wanted. This is pure...
  15. Re: Backyard Pesticide Use May Fuel Bee Die-Offs

    I think it is a combination of the bad economy, as well as the hippies looking for 'organic' type stuff. In my opinion, the economy is more responsible. Another major reason is that produce in...
  16. Re: Backyard Pesticide Use May Fuel Bee Die-Offs

    That is completely false. They didnt 'jack up the doses' when they didnt get the results they wanted. I dont know where Randy Oliver got that idea from, but apparently he made it up like many of...
  17. Re: Backyard Pesticide Use May Fuel Bee Die-Offs

    Here is one at Home Depot

    Here is another that advertised 'low...
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    Re: Arthritis and Bee Stings

    Really? bee stings help with your allergies?

    I have horrible problems with tree pollen allergies, maybe I should try and get a few stings and see if that helps out.
  19. Re: Check out the new hive I HEAVY :-)

    Without moveable combs, how is this hive going to be inspected? Isnt that mandatory in Idaho?
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    Re: Opened hive today to find Larvae

    Sounds like drone brood, except for the black head part. If the cells are bigger than normal bee cells, it cant be SHB or wax moth larvae, those are smaller.
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    Re: Arthritis and Bee Stings

    How do you guys get stung so often? This is my second year beekeeping and I have only received one sting the entire time I have had bees.

    Maybe I am a big wuss but I suit up everytime.
  22. Re: Backyard Pesticide Use May Fuel Bee Die-Offs

    Actually the latest Harvard study showed that levels of 20ppm were enough to kill off hives.

    How do you expect scientists to test the effects of these pesticides other than putting them in feed? ...
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    Re: Frames,centered or pushed to one side?

    Good tip. I never thought of that.
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    Re: Laying worker

    I would think about just dumping the bees out of the hive and letting them all find a new home in a queenright hive. It seems like there is a good chance you will just be wasting brood giving it to...
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    Re: Queen removal for swarm prevention?

    Not sure, but you can always just take the queen and a couple of frames of bees out so the bees will think they already swarmed. Then you can put them back in a few weeks (minus the queen) and end...
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