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    best temperature for making syrup

    I have kept bees in Texs and Ohio and never had to feed my bees over the winter until I moved to Oregon. Now I am learning some new skills. What is the best or optimal temperature for heating syrup...
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    Re: Cheapest Supplier

    Like Buzz Aldrin said to Neil Armstrong on the way to the first moon landing, To think that we got here in a vehicle every part of which was built by the lowest bidder! Are you really sure price is...
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    Re: Asking for Supering Advice

    I always err on the side of caution. Translation: when in doubt, super up. You can always take off the empty or consolidate several frames into one box. I have used 8-frame equipment before, and...
  4. Re: It's the strangest thing I'm completely stumped

    Two suggestions to cure your being stumped:
    1) Never place a solitary hive elsewhere. You yourself said you didn't visit it for several weeks, and as a result you lost control of your monitoring...
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    Re: How to tell when a main flow happens?

    David LaFerney has the best answer I have seen so far, so I will elaborate only a little. Check your local extension agent for beekeeping information, either printed or online. Approximate...
  6. Re: Is this how experienced beekeepers see the influx of newcomers?

    I saw the same article before I read your post, and just shook my head and remembered the old saying that a fool and his money are soon parted. Bad enough for some beekeeper gadgets I've...
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    Re: Frustrated Beekeeping Mentor

    [Note to self: breed a strain of bees that will perform extraction and bottling....][/QUOTE]

    How's that working out for you? Inquiring minds want to know.
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    Re: Full time beekeepers

    Whoever above said you have to save or put your money into woodenware spoke truth, but only part of it. Woodenware is a capital investment in your business. Working capital or operating capital is...
  9. Thread: Mites

    by Kendal

    Re: Mites

    This thread raises a question I have pondered previously, but never seen answered. Do varroa mites actually SEEK out drone comb or is it a statistical hit-or-miss proposition?
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    Re: what exactly is a HONEY FLOW

    First thing you need to do is some research, with your local ag extension agent, local beekeepers, state agricultural service, apiary dept, if they have one. ASK QUESTIONS! You are looking for a...
  11. Re: What do you bring to the bee yard for hive inpections?

    I like to bring a small plastic bucket of water with a few drips of bleach, along with a stainless steel scratch pad. I use these to clean my hands and equipment between each and every hive, the way...
  12. Re: What do you bring to the bee yard for hive inpections?

    Experience shows that we (meaning "I") forget what I've seen from visit to visit. Notes taken on inspections are really valuable for planning for the very next time I visit, not just for next year.
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    Re: reconditioned hive prices?

    1) Assume new equipment has a 10-year useful life. (this is an ASSUMPTION, you know what happens when you ASS U ME) How many years useful life (conservatively estimated) does this guy's used...
  14. Thread: How many boxes?

    by Kendal

    Re: How many boxes?

    Check with your local beekeepers. If your area has small hive beetles, SHB, extract often. If not, you can build towers as tall as you can maintain them. The rule of thumb I have always used was...
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    Re: What's your favorite gadget?

    Someone finally mentioned a notebook, and I just had to log in and put in my 2 cents. My favorite gadget is a clipboard so I can take notes and draw pictures of hive configurations. I tried it...
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    Re: Are my bees going to swarm?

    I could not get your pictures to open in my browser (I'm at work, not necessarily your fault). But I remember the hives of the guy I keep my bees at. You know the old saying, if you have to ask how...
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    Re: best book for beginers

    I have Ross Conrad's book on organic beekeeping in my living room right now. I have read it once and parts of it several times. (My 4G beekeeping daughter gave it to me.) Admittedly, I am working...
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    Re: Queen Excluder Question

    My experience is to let the bees draw it out without the excluder. If the bees beat the queen to the new cells with new nectar, she won't have the opportunity to lay eggs in it and may go back...
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    Re: Inexpensive bee suits

    IMHO wrong place to invest your money. For most of my 30 years of beekeeping (Including working as a county inspector) I have generally found a pair of jeans and a sweatshirt (sweatshirt arms are...
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    Re: best book for beginers

    Good for you! After reading zero books before I got into rabbits, I read 1 book before I got into bees and many books thereafter. I highly recommend a book that is presently out of print, but you...
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    Re: Kelley's Frame Wiring Device Questions.

    Pull the amount of wire you think you will need through the eyelets, cut it off from your feeder spool with side nippers. Start at the back end of your job. Start a nail (short wire brad will do)...
  22. Re: The bee keepers tool box, what are the needed items to fill it!!

    Hand stapler for fastening hardware mesh for winter mouse screens (short staples will do) screwdriver or tack puller for lifting staples.
    stainless steel scrubber for kitchen use for using in...
  23. Re: Too much honey, too few eggs - need advice please

    Is the capped brood drone cells or worker cells? Since you mentioned it as "spotty", I immediately thought of laying workers, but don't really have enough information. Are the eggs >1 per cell, or...
  24. Re: Is it ok if my wax foundation kind of "bows" in the middle when I install it?

    I could not disagree more. When you plan to use deeps for brood for the next several years, you need to get them as straight as the bees can make them. Tight cross wires will help avoid foundation...
  25. Re: Our first hive inspection of a full size hive (video) Hows it look?

    Something I noticed in your inspection process: before you start lifting frames from a box, break the burr comb from the bottom bars of the upper frames you intend to work from the burr comb on the...
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