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  1. Re: Two -2.5 Medium Frames of Honey - Is it enough?

    I wouldn't touch a thing, if you are to itchy to mess with them, feed some 2:1, let them be.
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    Re: Please Stop...

    I don't post very much, but here is the problem I have with the treatment vs treatment free debate and the new member advise.

    1. If you treat aparently that's the only way to do things.
    2. If...
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    Re: How did you get into beekeeping?

    When I was real little I was into everything bugs, I tried catching all the ants and everything else I could. Well when I started to keep bringing any farms into the house my parents went crazy,...
  4. Thread: Ooopps

    by cheezer32


    When you forget a cell bar frame in a hive.... This is what happens.


    And the queen from that forgotten cell bar frame experiment.

  5. Re: Is the last week of June too early to start nucs in NE Ohio?

    If it can be done with one frame of brood and a queen cell. I think you'll be fine.

    You'll be more than fine if you feed patties and syrup.
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    Re: Where to buy Ohio amish made equitment

    Yes you can write him, for a price list.
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    Re: Where to buy Ohio amish made equitment

    The is one in savannah right outside Ashland. His name is Elmer Miller.
    Elmer miller
    780 state route 545 Ashland Ohio 44805
    He stays very busy so if you want stuff you need to order well in...
  8. Re: Smallest population you can start a colony with

    Don't go with the small splits and only 1 frame of brood, let the colonies grow a little. If you are using deep equipment what my plan would be is:

    Don't split by dates split by colony size
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    Re: Selling swarms

    I thought about offering up a "reward" for swarms, a lot cheaper tan buying a package or nuc and just as good IMO. I am also trying to increase my hive count as much as possible the next couple years...
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    Re: nuc sales profit margin

    When I sell a nuc I sell them with a normal 5 frame wooden box, a migratory top, and a reversible bottom. I buy it assembled, I also buy my frames assembled from the same source, then I buy rite cell...
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    Re: nuc sales profit margin

    I figure 25$ for equipment, (box, frames, foundation) 10$ for feed, and the queens are free since I raise my own. So I have 35$ in a nuc, a lot of people mention the opportunity cost and time, I...
  12. Re: How many beeks on here are under 25 yrs old?

    I'm 22 and I have 100ish hives at the moment, been doing it for about 13 years so far. Will be 23 in February.
  13. Re: Signal deep nucs in the north do you do this?

    I overwinter single story 5 frame deep nucs every year and lose maybe 5% on average. Make sure they have decent honey stores and proper ventilation. Mine have 2 vent holes in the back and a migratory...
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    Re: Wintering Singles

    Any hive configuration will work with proper a management. Whether its a nuc, single, double, tbh, or any other set up. Proper brood, honey stores, location of those honey stores, population relative...
  15. Thread: Nucs

    by cheezer32

    Re: Nucs

    If its a good 3 frames of bees now, with good brood and healthy they should be fine imo. I would feed them up the best I could with respect to leaving room for brood while the queen is laying heavy.
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    Re: Has anyone ordered from beebaby's?

    I am behind yes, I know everyone is getting bees soon. All the orders not shipped Monday will be immediately given a refund so you can purchase elsewhere.

  17. Re: Tri-County Beekeepers Assoc 34th Annual Spring Workshop

    I'll be there with a few tables of stuff, was a great experience last year.
  18. Poll: Re: Equipment pricing free shipping vs lower price???

    Thanks for all the input... It's seems to be more of an issue of Usability over price, people are willing to pay for the convenience factor though price does play some part.

    I think I'll still to...
  19. Poll: Equipment pricing free shipping vs lower price???

    I am wanting to get some feedback on the way companies price out there equipment for everyone. I plan on re-doing my prices the first of the year and one of the hurdles I can't decide on is the free...
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    Re: Straight from package to Nuc's?

    Michael, I have seen you post a lot on the "critical mass" argument several times but just want to get a definite answer as to what you mean by takeoff well as I am thinking I am taking it the wrong...
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    Re: Straight from package to Nuc's?

    Personally your idea is on par with how I plan to run a few set of hives next year. If its cold where your at when packages are available it might help them buildup and retain heat a little. If you...
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    Re: What's the best way to do spring splits?

    I like pulling 1 frame of capped brood, and then let the rest of the hive (usually a single in my case) and then once the cells are capped dividing them up between 8 frames (there are usually enough...
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    Re: Getting ready to start in the spring

    I like packages for a begginer personally because you can takes things slow and really see the workings of a hive in detail and as they happen so to speak. Being new to this I doubt that you are...
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    Re: What are you working on?

    Making tons and tons and tons of boxes.

    Re-designing some mating nucs, re-designing a few products (re-inventing the wheel so to speak), along with just dumbing down a few.

    Drawing up...
  25. Re: November/Thanksgiving Specials Discounts Free Shipping Save$$$$

    Bee Baby's has free shipping always, and for the holiday we are running some sales on some hive kits, which still are included in the free shipping.
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