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    Re: Bees on top, honey on bottom

    Ever since I started I hear folks talking about the bees working up through the feed over the winter, and how it's bad news if they "chimney up" too soon.
    But most of my hives are at the top by the...
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    Re: Titebond II - what happened?

    Agreed that if it's not setting up at all, something is almost certainly wrong with the manufacture of the batch

    Chalking happens when the glue is used at too low an ambient temperture, or...
  3. Re: What to know about pesticides in apple orchard

    I can't speak to Utah, but here in the northeast an apple orchard sees a lot of sprays over the course of the season, even those maintained organically.
    The bloom is fairly short, and from what I...
  4. Re: Poor quality components - how much tolerance to allow?

    Assuming your working white pine, that kind of movement (over a 3% change in moisture) is double (or more) of anything I have ever experienced or calculated for even a completely flatsawn board.
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    Re: Can capping wax be "pure"?

    So great to see folks take the time effort and money to gather hard data. Thanks for sharing

    Jim, it sounds like you have thought out the process quite carefully, but what were you using for wash...
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    Re: Cluster at top

    There does seem to be a widespread conventional wisdom that the bees start at the bottom and work up to the top...and if they get to top too soon are running out or isolated from their stores.
  7. Re: Linseed oil and beeswax for hive exterior

    Linseed oil makes for a pretty poor exterior finish. It generally gets used in locations of extremely high wear, and it is assumed that it will be reapplied frequently. Think tool handles, wooden...
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    Re: Best way to separate honey from cappings

    After draining in a warm place(hot car), we take all the cappings and the wax from combs we felt better to crush than extract (wonky stuff) and place them in a very large glass bowl in the oven, just...
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    Re: Kirk Webster Does It Again

    I got started with bees from Kirk Webster, and purchased queens and nucs a couple other times after. In my few dealings with him he struck me a soft spoken, honest man, who was striving to live a...
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    Re: Table saw recommendations

    I brought the profesional grade sawstop into the shop about a year ago.

    It's beautifully built saw, easily comparable or better to all the others in the price bracket.
    Depending how you break out...
  11. Re: Are cedar shavings harmful to bees in a quilt box?

    Many types of "cedar" growing in US, several of them are actually in cypress family.
    Eastern red cedar is the one used in chests and closets to repel wool eating moths
    There is also
    Eastern white...
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    Re: Wintering nucs on top of other hives?

    I suppose I shouldn't call them nucs anymore, singles would be more appropriate.
    Yes, bottom boards match box. All are standard 10 frame gear.
    I was planning on just placing them on top of some...
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    Re: Wintering nucs on top of other hives?

    They were five frame nucs that have grown out to 8-10 frames.
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    Wintering nucs on top of other hives?

    Any reason not to just stack some nucs onto a few hives that are all set for winter?

    I have to move a bunch of hives to another yard possibly for just a few weeks, possibly for the winter.
  15. Re: Value of combining queenless hive in fall?

    I'm in northern vt. Frost today, not much pollen or nectar coming in any longer.
    I think Combs will hold fine in shop loft, no SHB here and things will be freezing up shortly in regards to wax moth.
  16. Value of combining queenless hive in fall?

    Is there really much value combining a queenless hive with queen right this late?

    I have at least one, and possibly two queenless hives...8-10 frames each.
    I was going to combine them (not with...
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    Combine question

    Is it safe to move a queen right colony and place it under an existing queenles hive?

    I have only had to do a few newspaper combines. In each case, I was moving a hive made queenles on top of a...
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    Re: Swarming in Mid-September, seriously?

    I have had several nucs and a couple hives swarm over the last 2-3 weeks. I have not had problems with fall swarming before.
    It's been a good year, all the hives got strong, then we had a great...
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    Can a hive go laying worker all at once?

    Can a hive go laying worker all at once, or is it a more progressive slide?

    I have a med size hive that swarmed on me about 2 weeks ago, saw the swarm leave, opened it then and found multiple...
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    What to do with nucs that swarmed?

    I allowed some of the nucs I made this summer to get too strong. Now several have swarmed recently on the fall flow, and a few look to do so imminently if they have not already.

    They were built up...
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    Bees holding queens in cells?

    I have read a number of reports that bees will sometimes hold a queen ready to emerge in her cell. Presumably to allow some other cells to fully mature.

    Has anyone observed this? How it is...
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    Re: Ripe Queen cell hasn't hatched

    Last year i had to split up a few swarmy hives into nucs. Some of the nucs got frames with multiple cells
    When checking on them later I found several where one cell had emerged, but the other cell...
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    Re: Small queen cell- Does it matter?

    Two years ago I watched our observation hive make a batch of emergency cells,

    The runniest little cell I had ever seen hatched first and I figured..that will be one crappy queen, but hey it's only...
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    Re: Do you put weight on your top covers?

    Rocks or concrete on many
    but I have built a bunch of tops with a 3.5-4" rim. These overlap the hive body enough that they have to come straight up to come off, otherwise they jam up...meaning the...
  25. Re: Controlling Pests on Young Apple trees in my Apiary

    Michael B, We have about the same sized plantings as you, mostly apple, some plums and cherries(sour)

    Micronized sulfur for scab during infection windows.
    Bt for ofm early and again mid summer...
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