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  1. Re: Buzzing into the kitchen at night, signs of trouble?

    Thanks for the expertise. Last year during the hives demise a dozen or so bees entered the house over maybe a week, so far it looks like it was one lost little bee.

    A powdered sugar test showed a...
  2. Buzzing into the kitchen at night, signs of trouble?

    Last year I viewed a thread in which a new beekeeper described bees dying on the ground outside his hive. He was informed that varroa had gained too strong a foothold and his bees wouldn't make it...
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    Re: Dedicated thread - Pics of bee stings
    Yep, bringing joy to the world...friends got a kick out of ol' "Dumbo Ear!"
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    Hello from San Francisco

    I've got my first hive here in the middle of San Francisco.
    I honestly think I've made every mistake as the opportunity presented itself: they swarmed, they were robbed, but these little bees are...
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