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    Not capping nectar. Why?

    My bees have plenty of nectar stored in 3 supers but very little is capped -and no complete frames capped. It's near to the season's end here in uk (main nectar flow in July) any ideas what I can do...
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    Combining 2 queen right colonies

    I have 2 small colonies which are both queen right; both have 4 frames of brood. I want to combine both without killing one of the queens. Could I do a demareer type combination with a deep brood on...
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    Not capping nectar. Why?

    In the uk we are entering the honey harvest time ( end of August/ start of sept).
    There is plenty of nectar in supers but there are no cappings yet. Why? Any suggestions to speed the process up so I...
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    No queen cell but trying to swarm?

    I have a very full hive. It has 3 supers and 3 free frames in brood. Queen is clipped.over the last week I have noticed a build up of bees under mesh floor and on front of hive as if they are about...
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    New queen but queen cells? Why?

    I have a new queen (this season) heading a large colony. Several queen cells have now appeared (bottom and mid frame). I am unsure whether these are swarm or supercedure cells?

    At this late stage...
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    Adding eggs to queenless nuc

    After adding eggs to a queenless nuc, how many days is it before queen cells appear?

    Other than having a hidden queen in the nuc, or drone layers, are there other reasons why a queenless colony...
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    2 supers in place of a brood box?

    If desperate, could 2 supers replace a standard brood box?
    Any help appreciated
  8. Adding a queen cell to a failing colony

    Any tips?
    I want to requeen by adding a queen cell ( from another colony) to a failing hive. I intend moving the hive and placing a new hive in its place. In this 'new' hive ( ie in the old...
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    Late season drones -why?

    Late season here in uk - almost honey crop time.
    Notice small amount of drone brood ( from healthy laying queens ) still appearing in several hives. Why are the bees still making drones so late in...
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    Re: Late season drones

    'a lot' = 4 frames half full of drone brood
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    Late season drones

    I have a colony ( with a new and well laying queen) which is suddenly producing a lot of drone brood. Why produce drones so late in the season?
  12. Cappings mixed with honey- can I give them back to the bees?

    A few weeks ago I extracted a small amount of honey by crushing a small amount of honeycomb. I put the residual wax and honey in a small jar. This is now hard. Can I do anything with this: for...
  13. Merging an aggressive colony with a docile colony

    I have a very large colony (new queen) which is very, very aggressive/ defensive (ie lot of followers, multiple stings, volitile activity). Last month I took a swarm which has just come into lay,...
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    Purple cells where nectar stored

    I have a small nuc. I have noticed that in the patches of cells where nectar is stored, the walls have gone a blacky/ purple colour. Is this bacteria? Should I just leave it? Any advice appreciated.
  15. Removing a queen excluder from beneath a brood box. When?

    I have had a very smarmy colony ( with clipped queen). To stop them going I placed a queen excluder beneath the brood box (10 days ago). They have not made any new queen cells; however, the queen has...
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    abdomens black and swollen

    I have a nuc with 5 frames of bees. Yesterday was unexpectedly really hot. When I opened the nuc to ventilate them, many bees were dead in the frame feeder -many of these had swollen black abdomens....
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    Re: multiple eggs in each cell?!

    Thanks for advice - what is hive tool test?
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    multiple eggs in each cell?!

    I have recently captured a swarm which seems to be queenless. I have just noticed multiple eggs in each cell. Is it a sign of a layinf worker?
  19. Test frame - will a queenless colony make QC's staight away?

    On Tuesday last week I put a frame of eggs into a 'queenless colony'.Today (5 days later), the bees have not started any emergency cells - does this mean there is a queen which I have missed in the...
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    recombining two split hives

    5 weeks ago I artificially swarmed a colony and left the split. Both became queenless and both are small (4 frames) . I have just put a frame of eggs in one of them and I am going to rejoin the two....
  21. Perforated caps- natural in a queenless colony????

    Recently one of my colonies swarmed and then became queenless. Much of the remaining sealed brood (not much and pepperpotted around) did not emerge. Now, 5 weeks later, the caps are perforated and...
  22. moving a frame of eggs from an out apiary to home

    If I move eggs from one hive (10 minutes away) to a quuenless colony at home - how do I protect the eggs/keep them warm etc whilst in transit? Any help appreciated
  23. moving queen cells from an out apiary to home

    I want to place a frame of eggs from a hive 10 minutes away to a queenless colony in my home apiary. How do I keep the eggs warm? What do I need to consider when moving eggs? Any help appreciated.
  24. Can I just shake a swarm into a queen less colony?

    If you have a queenless colony, can you shake a captured swarm in to make it queenright?
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    Agressive, following swarm

    Last Thursday I captured a swarm (unknown origin). On Saturday I fed them, they seem very, very agressive. Is it likely that they will calm down? Any help appreciated
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