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    Re: Queen cup ID

    We have mutt bees and almost every hive builds cups. It's just a bee thing.
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    Re: need some top bar hive plans

    Michael Bush's top bar hives are very simple to make, even for us carpentry-challenged/budget-minded types. Don't have to rip any boards. Just a couple 1x12s, for sides and ends, a 1x6 for the bottom...
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    Re: Do stings hurt less over time?

    For whatever reason, stings to the back of my hands or to my fingers tend to cause swelling. They also feel tender later on, like a bruise. A couple stings have felt itchy, but not so much as a...
  4. Re: First Extraction (kind of, we were helpers)

    "Around here", people have been calling hive removal hive extractions, vs swarm removal, but yes, I could see where out of context, the term could be confusing. Point taken, thanks.

    And yep,...
  5. First Extraction (kind of, we were helpers)

    First experience at an extraction this year, apprenticing with an experienced beekeeper who does 'em often. This was in a wall at the local elementary school, about 20 feet up on the outside and...
  6. Re: I feel like apologizing to my bees, one by one

    FWIW, we don't use foundation and haven't found it difficult in the slightest.

    OP, don't "pry" frames apart. Get a serrated and sharp bread knife you no longer care to use with bread and gently...
  7. Re: Do virgins ever come back from a mating flight with a bee peen stuck in them?

    Thanks for the replies and the polite word for it! Aegis if memory serves that's what it looked like. I guess I'll find out for sure next inspection time if there's eggs and I see her again.

  8. Do virgins ever come back from a mating flight with a bee peen stuck in them?

    I was poking through some of the hives today and saw a bee, tapered like a queen but as big a typical egg-layin' queen, hustling around on a frame. She had what very much looked like a stinger in her...
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    Swarm Explosion

    Not the boom! kind, sorry. And I realize this may be a good problem to have but...

    So, I picked up a swarm off a little apple tree about a week ago, plunked them into a single box. They settled...
  10. Re: Queenless Top Bar options (cranky, very full hive)

    Welp, we looked in the hive today (yesterday by the time this posts). Weather was warm and sunny, just like before, bees much calmer. To my eye, looked like a lot less bees, though by no means only a...
  11. Re: Queenless Top Bar options (cranky, very full hive)

    Jadebees: When I was wondering if they'd swarm, it was the thought they'd take the first virgin hatched and take off with her, not that they'd leave without at least a virgin at the front. Nope, no...
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    Re: Hive Split - Re-location Advice

    We never have an opportunity to do that 2 feet or 2 miles or whatever it is. It's more like 2 feet, 10 feet, at most a mile-ish.

    If we want to get bees to orient to a new location that's not that...
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    Re: What is your varroa treatment method?

    Gentle correction: 1/2 c is ~300 bees, not 100. Unless those are really big bees. :)

    I don't think there's such a thing as being mite-free. Success (to us) is defined as not losing colones to...
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    Collected first swarm ever

    Whoo. We've joined the club. Feral hive in an oak tree (been there at least five years), threw a big swarm four days ago, left before I could get there. Today we went over, put up a swarm trap with...
  15. Queenless Top Bar options (cranky, very full hive)

    Hi, fellow top bar peeps.

    We have a top bar that went gangbusters earlier, so we split the queen out into her own. I did about half and half of the bars, shook extra bees in to allow for drift,...
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    Re: Cutting Top Bars

    We've used the same size bar with no problems. In our 2nd top bar, we just cut a 1x2 to the proper length and then added on a guide strip.
  17. Re: Foundationless Hive Building Comb In-Between Frames

    Once the combs are mostly drawn in the frame, you shouldn't have to check very much, just as often as you would inspect normally. Peek in, see if the combs are still straight and you're good to go. ...
  18. Thread: Oregon

    by dixieswife

    Re: Oregon

    SW Oregon Rogue River (Evans Creek Valley area)
    Super beautiful weather, warm days up into the 80s, cool evenings.
    Lilacs are starting, along with my apple trees, and the madrones are in...
  19. Thread: Mason Bee?

    by dixieswife

    Re: Mason Bee?

    Mud daubers are cool. They eat the spiders in our garage (Oregon seems to be chock full of spiders of all kinds). We have paper wasps too, but I have traps out for them and/or they don't really...
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    Re: Goals for 2016 - what are yours?

    1) Get a good honey crop
    2) Increase number of hives (10 going into winter would be nice, we started with five)
    2a) make/paint more equipment!
    3) Prevent swarms in our own hives/catch-collect...
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    Sticky: Re: Today in the Apiary

    Went out to feed Lang hives. One of the larger hives was kinda pissy about me doing a quick inspection of the top brood chamber and I didn't have my veil on quite right. Suddenly bee seems to be IN...
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    Sticky: Re: Today in the Apiary

    Really nice spring day, 60s with warmer weather to come.

    Checked all my Langs today (four of them, two doubles and two singles). The doubles are doing really really well. Using the "opening the...
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    Re: Transitioning Langstroth Nuc to TBH

    Sammy, yes you can. Tanzanian top bar hives are squared, not angled, and another option is just to make a long Langstroth where you can just drop the frames in as is.
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    Sticky: Re: Today in the Apiary

    We split our booming top bar hive -- they've gone through all their stores finally and every comb had turned into brood. Lots of pollen in the hive, but not a lot of nectar yet though they were...
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    Re: Transitioning Langstroth Nuc to TBH

    I didn't see this mentioned yet, so one more possibility for you:

    What you *could* also do to get the whole horizontal hive experience and make it super easy to use Lang frames is build a long...
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