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    Re: How Much OAV With Honey Supers On?

    The EPA label is the law. The label States, "Do not use when honey supers are in place to prevent contamination of marketable honey."
  2. Re: Can I extract honey from frames treated with oxalic acid?

    No implication at all. The honey is not at all unsafe to consume. The treatment for varroa mites using oxalic acid is permitted by the EPA with a condition that supers not be in place during the...
  3. Re: Can I extract honey from frames treated with oxalic acid?

    I would not sell the honey because we all stand or fall on the absolute commitment to the quality of our methods and product. My honey jars bear the words, "How do you know the honey is pure unless...
  4. Re: Can I extract honey from frames treated with oxalic acid?

    Oxalic acid is a natural constituent of honey and treatment does not appreciably increase the amount. Oxalic acid is also in spinach, rhubarb, tea and imparts the bitter taste. Oxalic acid is an...
  5. Re: Can I extract honey from frames treated with oxalic acid?

    Oxalic acid naturally occurs in honey. Frankly, it's the dihydrous oxide that frightens me because it is being used in everything these days, even baby formula.
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    Re: Box Assembly Jig

    Air brake chamber at any truck dealer. Be careful not to unbolt the clamp holding two halves together. Huge spring inside you shouldn't have to ever take it apart though. Air pressure compressed it....
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    Re: Large selection of Cedar and Pine Hives

    Are you related to Lappe that owned the well respected Lappes Bee Supply in Reeseville, WI for many years?
  8. Re: us grants for beekeepers??? reality or myth??

    Thank you.
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    Re: M Palmer queen post

    Michael responded to my request immediately to confirm my order. He notified me again that they would ship Monday. Tuesday, he emailed the tracking number. This morning USPE delivered them on time in...
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    Re: Commercials open feeding?

    Veterinarians don't prescribe dosages of rye flour and pollen. John Pluta was supplementing protein supplies for brood production. There is no medication involved. Don't imply something that isn't...
  11. Re: Feral NY honeybees evolving varroa resistance.

    Adaptation using available genetic information in DNA in response to a stressor I could see. Evolution due to mutations giving rise to completely new genetic information is not a conclusion supported...
  12. Re: Make 15 year old help with sideline business?

    If its the family business then he does what is needed until he is out on his own. Period. He lives under your roof, eats your food, enjoys a warm house, clothing, medical care, etc.. Most adults...
  13. Re: Do corn fields offer much good pollen for our bees?

    My hives are smack dab right in seed treated field corn and I have had zero problems. When the alfalfa fields get sprayed for weivel that is sometimes a problem. All in all, I wouldnt want to see my...
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    Re: New in the IL Stateline

    Welcome from the other side of the state line.
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    Re: That one obnoxious bee

    Just kill one that persistent or let it do its thing. Your choice.
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    Re: Anyone else from Sunny Wisconsin

    Hi, welcome to the site.
  17. Re: Serious allergy scare during hive inspection

    Did you use your smoker? If you have such a hot hive, I would requeen it. Life is too short to work with pissy bees. If you were in the South or Southwest AHB are more or less common but not up here....
  18. Re: how do I make honey syrup with which to spray package bees?

    Agree with David. Never feed your bees honey from other sources. Certainly no reason to spray a package with anything other than water. Spray the cluster through the screened sides a bit and a bit...
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    Re: best selling container?

    Wide mouth glass jars only. The squeeze bears make it hard for customers to get it all out. Repeat customers often bring back jars or collect them for canning. We may try some inverted squeeze jars...
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    Re: Another Wisconsin Guy!

    Welcome Andy and best wishes for your success.
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    Re: When to buy bees - Central WI

    Get your bees ordered right away. Call Matt at Dadant in Watertown. He has order form for bees supplied by Lee Heine. Chris Hansen with Hansen Honey also brings in package bees from CA....
  22. Re: When will I ever learn? CAUTION! not for the faint of heart. Nailer accident.

    Did the same thing about a month ago. Just once, I want to make a well thought out and clever mistake.
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    Re: What is this equipment worth?

    $100 - 110 is the reasonable value of the listed equipment. FYI, I put Mark's advice right up there with "Crazy" Roland as deserving respect.
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    Re: Cowardly terrorist attack

    We stand shoulder to shoulder with Canadians honoring CPL Cirillo. Our prayers are with his family in this time of sorrow.
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    Re: A better beetle to get a patent

    Don't waste your money on a design patent IMHO. What you want to do really is get a working prototype in hand and bring it to market faster than the Chinese can knock it off (which they will do)....
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