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    Brood comb as guide for honey comb

    In Dr. Mangum's book, he mentions using old comb as a guide for new comb; he cuts a horizontal 1" strip of old comb and attaches it to the guide strip on a bar.
    It's not clear however, if one can...
  2. What do you do with remaining stores in early spring?

    Assume you began feeding in late August until they stopped taking syrup. They make it thru the winter and have enough stores remaining to survive past the time of the first nectar flow. What do you...
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    Re: weak hive, what do to?

    Just my .02, but for HONEY comb, it is very heavy, hot(so the comb structure is weak) and messy, so simply remove the HONEY comb and place it close to the hive and they will recover it all during the...
  4. Re: THB: Gathering enough bees for an alcohol wash

    Guy from a university addressed our bee group and said he preferred alcohol to sugar as more effective; he also mentioned clumping in the DC area during summer.- Mike
  5. THB: Gathering enough bees for an alcohol wash

    Can't shake the comb; how do you gather enough(1/2 C.) for an alcohol wash? - Mike
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    Re: Reducing swelling?

    Than you all - ice cube in a ziplock for about 1/2 hour did the trick. Since this was the worse in three years, I'm concerned that I might be getting more sensitive; OTOH, maybe she just hit me in a...
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    Reducing swelling?

    Anyone have a good way to reduce swelling? got stung 24 hrs ago and hand is swollen - Mike
  8. Re: Best methods of correcting cross / curved comb?

    I've use upholstery pins; same thing - Mike
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    Re: Changing liquid concentrations

    Could you help me understand how/if this fits into that formula? - Mike
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    Changing liquid concentrations

    I have a solution of 95% formic acid and I'd like to dilute it to 60% concentration.
    I see the C(i)V(i)= C(f)V(f) equation, but the units are confusing me. For example:
    Let's say I have 40ml of 95%...
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    Removing broken comb from the hive

    Thanks to all who replied to my question concerning recovering honey from detached comb and removing the bees from that comb.
    Now the question is "how do you get the comb out of the hive?" you could...
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    Will they recover the nectar/honey?

    If I have a lot of cross honey comb, cut it away and lean it against the wall of a box, will they recover the honey?
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    removing bees from a comb

    Well, I went too quickly thru my hive three days ago and missed an attachment. you know what happened when I lifted. I carefully replaced the bar and decided to see if they would repair the damage. I...
  14. Re: Yes, I messed up, looking for advice on recovering.

    Hmmm . I'm not planning on this being my standard set-up, just cases where I have to cut the comb off the top bar and use a rescue bar to get them straight again. So you're saying don't worry about...
  15. Re: Yes, I messed up, looking for advice on recovering.

    Thanks for the reply. Still retain the foundation strip (popsickle or tounge depressor or whatever)? - Mike
  16. Re: Yes, I messed up, looking for advice on recovering.

    If the top bar is 1-3/8 wide, how wide do you make the frame? My guess is 7/8" wide. Thoughts?
    When the framed bar is in place, are the sides touching the hive walls? - Mike
  17. Re: Yes, I messed up, looking for advice on recovering.

    Here's some follow up.
    Went into the TBH to salvage what I could.
    Brought along several of those rescue-bars made from rabbit-wire.
    tried to rescue a full comb of honey and you know what? wires...
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    Building a tray below a screed bottom board

    Next year's fight with SHB could include diatomaceous earth under the screened bottom board, but how to suspend it when I also want to be able to place a formic-soaked pad just below the SBB. Now...
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    TBH and Varroa control

    we read one of Randy Oliver's approaches to varroa control; in this case, drone trapping
    thru the use of green plastic...
  20. Re: Yes, I messed up, looking for advice on recovering.

    Mike - when you say 'frames', to what are you refering? - Mike H.
  21. Re: Yes, I messed up, looking for advice on recovering.

    Great replies - I particular like the Youtube video.
    Duncan - are you familiar with the trick of using rubber bands to hold the comb in place until the girls re-attach the comb? well, simply replace...
  22. Yes, I messed up, looking for advice on recovering.

    Yes, I know what Mike Bush says about correcting comb before it gets worse and worse. Well, for a variety of reasons, I didn't and now i have the results. I'll try and do better next year, but for...
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    Re: How I kill hive beetles

    I understand the beetles can fly multiple miles to find your hive; maybe 10 (?) - Mike
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    SHB Larva drowned?

    I know mineral or veggie oil is used in conventional traps to clog up SHB larva breathing tubes, but does anyone know if throwing them in water will drown them? I'm trying even as I'm typing.
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    Re: How often do you go into your hive.....

    I think the secret is to straighten comb as early as it appears, because as the season goes on, I can make up a dozen reasons for not going out to look at them. - Mike
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