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  1. Getting Hives Ready For Winter!

    Getting hives ready for the winter and liking what I see lots of brood good colonies feeding feeding just changed feeders this year to division board feeders. Treating mites with amitraz once queens...
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    2014 Predictions

    what do you guys think about the 2014 die offs of almond prices?
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    6 way pallet plans

    What are the dimensions for migratory 6 way pallets?
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    Fructose Pump

    Im looking to get a fructose pumping unit is there any way i can make one myself theres one on dadant for 1,500 I just need it for a little till I earn some money to buy a nice one
  5. Re: Can I feed Pollen patties right now?

    Does Mann lakes pro health help right now?
  6. Re: Can I feed Pollen patties right now?

    They only sell syrup in 50,000 gallon tanks
  7. Re: Can I feed Pollen patties right now?

    But Can I feed them pollen patties so they will get stronger right now? and where do you recommend to get the patties or what the recipe
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    Re: What's YOUR Favorite Feeder?

    Frame feeders get them at Mother lode for $2.30 Work Excellent for me.
  9. Can I feed Pollen patties right now?

    Can I give my bees brood builder patties right now. To stimulate them. Also is it a good Idea to feed them HFCS right now? And where can I buy Corn syrup bulk in Oregon/Washington
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