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    Re: Mated, laying queens for sale

    Canoemaker, do you still have queens available now?
  2. Re: Candy Board Frame for TBH (or other winter feeding methods)

    Last year I made fondant and mushed it into old drone comb.

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    Re: early feeding

    mine did the same thing last year when I put the fondant on in late Nov. It was gone by mid Dec. I put in sugar bricks last Dec and they ate on them through the winter and still had some capped...
  4. Re: Saving frames that have been infested by moths

    I have read that moths will not eat comb if it is exposed to sunlight. I don't know if that applies to already infested comb, but it would be worth a try. (and then let us know if it worked)
  5. Re: Kentucky: Looking at TBH hives to get started. New to the hobby.

    Welcome! Be prepared to bee addicted. It's a fun hobby that keeps growing. I've only ever run TBH's and now I teach a monthly class at the garden center where I work to get other people started in...
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    Re: Small hive going into winter

    I'd say reduce it to a 5 over 5 nuc for the winter. Steal 4 frames of capped honey from another hive and maybe trade a dinky brood frame with a robust one from another hive. Michael Palmer in VT...
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    Re: How do you start a TBH from scratch?

    Direct link should be in this thread for the video.

    The bees did rebuild all that comb to full...
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    Re: I want to buy your dead bees

    In my opinion, dead bees look different than live bees. Frozen due to snow-bees work real nice. I've used them before to pin them on a flower, etc. (caution, they are sometimes just too cold to...
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    Re: Big storm coming our way

    My full size TBH's are on 3ft tall stands, but not bolted to the stand. I plan to take mine off the stand and set on the ground or cinder blocks (we don't flood) and might put the stand over top the...
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    Re: Anybody ship eggs/larvae?

    I can't see how that would be possible. I transported a comb of fresh eggs and larvae from one beekeepers house to mine about 30 min away, in a moist Styrofoam cooler and I had a very poor rate of...
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    Re: Moisture in my honey

    If you do find it's above the ideal 18%, just eat if before it can ferment.
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    Re: A day late and a dollar short....

    If your beesource handle is any indication of your age (mid 40's), I'd highly recommend you consider the mediums and even 8 frame mediums. Once you start beekeeping, I bet you will be in it for...
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    Re: Using old Queen in Nuc

    moving the existing queen to the nuc is how I make my splits. I prefer a strong colony to feed and raise the emergency queen cells and I can cut some of them out to make more splits.
  14. Re: Wintergreen for Varroa control, via UWV

    Pimpinella anisum is what is mentioned in the article. There is also star anise. I have used both when I put it in their spring/fall syrup or spray bottle to inspect the hive (I don't use smoke). ...
  15. Re: Honey Extraction Question - Has this been done?

    Who, me? I have only topbar hives and came up with a different way to get the honey out of the comb without total cutting it off. I left a very thin midline of wax that still had honey in the cells...
  16. Re: Honey Extraction Question - Has this been done?

    If you uncap it and set it upside down (honeycomb has a 15 degree upward angle) on a wired rack, in a Tupperware tub, in a very warm car, it might liquefy enough to run out of the comb.
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    Re: Where did 90% of my bees go?

    If they didn't leave behind swarm cells to continue on the hive, it's not a swarm that left. Sounds to me like they absconded due to bad hive conditions. If the mite load was high enough (and...
  18. Re: Wintergreen for Varroa control, via UWV

    I found the paper that I referenced earlier about using Anise oil. It mentions Thyme, cinnamon, lemongrass and formic acid as well.
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    Re: Queen not laying

    yup, I'd give them a little 1:1 syrup and a frame of emerging brood from another hive so there are plenty of nurse bees to care for the young. What remaining bees are left have probably aged out. I...
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    Re: Wintering nucs on top of other hives?

    I'm planning to try stacking this year. I have topbars (only no frames) in a 5 frame deep nuc with no bottom boards. The bars make up the "roof". Bees are packing them with stores and I'm trying to...
  21. Re: Wintergreen for Varroa control, via UWV

    I'm using Anise oil in my feed. About 10 drops per 1/2 gallon of 2:1. Bees love it. It was referenced in some WVA study or somewhere else that I can't find the original documentation anymore (maybe...
  22. Re: Late swarm queens - Anyone seeing success??

    Here in Hampton Roads, VA, there are still some drones in the hives. Just last Thursday, I found that the daughter of my queen from Sam Comfort has started laying like mad. I still have one more...
  23. Re: Where to put combs of pollen on TBH for the winter.

    Do you have windows in your TBH's? I think you will find in GA, that the bees don't cluster as much like they would up north where it is continually cold. I tend to leave the pollen bars at the...
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    Re: Honey harvest 9/23/16

    yum. Did you bottle it? How much was it, about 16oz?
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    Re: Hmm..what's this all about?

    my preferred method to de-crystalize honey is to put it on the dashboard of my car once I get to work. Even in the fall, the sun usually has it liquefied by the time I'm ready to go home. What I...
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