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  1. Thread: Bearding

    by Delta Bay

    Re: Bearding

    If a comb or two has fallen off the bars this can cause bearding. Best to have a look and fix if need be.
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    Re: Deformed Wing--Will Not Treat but Need Help

    If the brood is that sick I would pull all the capped brood and replace with empty brood combs. You could leave one comb of open brood to pick up some of the mites on the adult bees and remove once...
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    Re: Brood Cycle Break?

    Taking a guess that you have a fall flow which is good but i would still feed this colony as you say they have no stores. it will help them brood up.
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    Re: Brood Cycle Break?

    Do they have honey stores and how much? Again I don't know your location. You need to give more detail as to what you are seeing on and in the combs? Could be a number of things going on with your...
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    Re: Fall prep on Top Bar splits

    10 to 12 fully drawn combs is what I winter colonies on. As Wyatt says." have the bees clustered low on the combs for winter". Other words have a good honey band above the cluster. Don't know your...
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    Re: Brood Cycle Break?

    Could be that the colony has back filled the brood nest with honey/nectar and pollen. What are you seeing in the comb that doesn't have brood?
  7. Re: It's called "cross comb" because it makes you cross

    If you catch the fat combs before they start to cap them you can butter them back so that the next comb doesn't get pushed over and offset of its center. The pics may show a bit better as to what I'm...
  8. Re: where to put the entrance in a TBH in northern climate ?

    The long side end the entrance can be placed anywhere from top to bottom. Personal choice. If you decide to use frames throughout you will notice that the side bars top half fit tight and form a...
  9. Re: where to put the entrance in a TBH in northern climate ?

    Really doesn't matter where you place the entrance other than right in the middle when the frames are running perpendicular. The bees really like open space near the entrance interior as they don't...
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    Re: Installing Bee Package in the cold

    It's good you have some drawn comb to install them on and if they have some honey stored in them even better. It's important they start progressing right away after installation even though you are...
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    Re: bars with pollen from last year

    I would place it in the #2 and #3 position from an end entrance. This is where you will find the full combs of pollen
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    Re: Top bar length

    A little over hang is good so you have something to hang onto when replacing the bars after inspections. You will find it very helpful when replacing up to four bars at a time. 1/2" would be more...
  13. Re: To feed or not to feed...that is the question

    Sounds like a very small colony so they are not going to be using up large amounts of food at this time. As Crosby mentions seeing liquid stores right near the cluster is a good sign. Feeding a pint...
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    Re: Top bar nuc size

    A box that holds 9 or 10 bars comes in hand for several purposes. It is small and light enough to easily carry with you. Carrying honey combs as well as extra brood combs to and from the yard. Also...
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    Re: Reviving a dead hive

    That's good to hear Thomassen. If you have a follower board that the new package can get around, then you can do as Crosby has mentioned and put the worst of the mouldy combs behind it and the bees...
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    Re: Reviving a dead hive

    Which ever way you decide to go make sure that you install on worker combs and keep them together and only feed work comb into the middle of worker brood. Leave drone and storage size comb to the...
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    Re: New to site...1st ?

    Something that you may consider is to bevel your bars to reduce the surface area on the sides of the bars. It really helps when closing the bars back together. Less surface area makes fewer pinched...
  18. Re: Already ordered a nuc for spring, but now in love with top bar hives...

    Here's a few pics of the 3 cut outs Eric did last Aug. Just so you all know Eric is a successful TBH beekeeper running about 50 TBH's treatment free.

    Cut out #1 west side of building.

  19. Re: Already ordered a nuc for spring, but now in love with top bar hives...

    It will work better if you have them build a few small combs with brood in them on bars from your TBH. Then place the new brood with the queen in the TBH portion with a queen excluder separating the...
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    Re: New Hive Build

    I am assuming you mean the follower board? One other design component you may be interested in is to us a false follower at the front entrance end of the hive. It is just a follower with a bee space...
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    Re: New: TBH Design Advice

    One of the reasons I like the slanted sides of the TBH is due to the amount of rain we get along the coast here. With a roof that extends out the ends the body of the hive always stays dry. It's easy...
  22. Re: Yes, I messed up, looking for advice on recovering.

    My hives are 12" deep with the size of comb being comparable to the amount of comb a deep frame holds. The change in shape makes the difference in where they put the stores. The reason I went with...
  23. Re: Yes, I messed up, looking for advice on recovering.

    This is from a cut-out from this summer and shows the frames I used.

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    Re: Springtime movement across combs?

    They don't typically move off the brood combs and the main reason you need to make sure the nest is well back filled with honey stores for winter. They may start to brood to one side of the brood...
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    Re: Should a new beek start with langs?

    The biggest issue with TBH's is the newbe does not understand natural comb and how the bees want to build it. Having a Long hive using frames doesn't change how they want to build natural comb other...
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