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    Re: I may have split too early.

    I too just made a split. I had one hive that was bursting at the seams, and it was either split or put a third deep on top. No dandelions yet, but the grass is green. I sure hope she gets mated!!!!!
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    Bees built 8mm natural comb. Why?

    I am wondering why my bees would have built natural comb with 8mm cells?
    I do have one theory, and want to verify it here. I had a Mountain Camp rim on the top of the hive. It's Italian and bursting...
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    Re: dead hive.. your thoughts?

    I have a question about all those dead bees with their heads stuck in the comb. Do I try to get them out or if I put them in a hive with new bees, will the new bees clean them out? Will leaving them...
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    Should I harvest or not?

    First year beek.
    Started in the spring with all new woodenware and package bees. I have 2 hives.
    So far so good: both hives seem healthy and active. They have filled 2 deeps, and I added a honey...
  5. Any suggestions for getting bees to start working the super? New beek

    This is my first year with bees. I have 2 hives.
    Started with all new woodenware, bare foundation, and package bees.

    Each hive has nicely filled 2 deeps. About 2 weeks ago, I added an excluder...
  6. Re: If Queen cells are now gone does that mean I have a Queen?

    Can laying workers fly?
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    New Beek: Storage of bottled honey

    Looking to the wisdom of this group:
    How do you store your bottled honey? Glass or plastic?

    What volumes do you bottle?

    Do you warm it up first? I thought I heard a local beek say they put it...
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    Re: Observation Hive

    OMG! I had the same thought and my husband thought I was nuts. I am SO glad someone else wants to do the same thing.
    I will be very interested in any pictures or experiences anyone has had with such...
  9. Re: How often do I need to clean the feeder? I'm new.

    If I keep adding and adding, do I need to worry about mold or fermentation or anything? If not, WOW! I had forgotten that bees keep things pretty sterile.
  10. How often do I need to clean the feeder? I'm new.

    Newbee with new bees.
    Started 2 hives 3 weeks ago, all on bare foundation.
    It's been cold here, snow on the ground when I installed (like knee to thigh deep). In the 30's again the past few days....
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    Re: question about strange behavior

    After doing some research, could they be Hoverflies?
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    question about strange behavior

    Tonight as I was walking back to the house from my hives, I noticed a bunch of bees buzzing around about one inch off the ground, in an area that is bare dirt.
    They stayed in about a 3 X 3 square...
  13. Re: Newbee with new bees: What does this mean?

    Thanks all! I'll wait until this weekend and take a look for eggs.
  14. Re: Newbee with new bees: What does this mean?

    So which one would I be concerned about? The more active hive or the less active?

    Also, I am starting with all bare foundation. So the egg cells need to be built before she can start laying.
  15. Newbee with new bees: What does this mean?

    I installed my first 2 packages ever 3 weeks ago. It was still cold and windy. It has finally gotten above 50 degrees these last 3 days, and I am finally seeing more outside the hive activity.
    I am...
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    Re: How many keep epipen on hand

    I do.
    I have asthma and other environmental allergies, but none known to bee stings.
    When I asked my Provider about it she wholeheartedly said absolutely and wrote a prescription immediately.
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    Re: Any idea what breed bee this is?

    Nice pictures!!!
  18. Re: How many dead bees are normal after hiving a package?

    I feel better.
  19. How many dead bees are normal after hiving a package?

    I just hived my first 2 packages.
    How many dead bees in and around the hive are normal?
    I am a little concerned because I had to install in cold weather, and have never done it before.

    This is...
  20. Re: Do I smoke the hive when I open to remove Queen cage?

    Thank you all !!!!!
  21. Do I smoke the hive when I open to remove Queen cage?

    Brand new beekeep.
    Just installed my first 2 packages yesterday. It was a blast!
    Very cold here yet - 30s and 40s and 20s at night.
    When I go out to refill feeders, and remove the queen cage, do I...
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    Re: Installing bees in bad weather

    I am a brand new beekeep, and just installed by first packages yesterday. Temp in the 30s here yet, and we still have snow on the ground. The Seller said to wrap the package in a blanket on the way...
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    looking for advice on bee suit

    Hi all
    I am considering what type of protective clothing to use. I have gotten advice from none to full bee suit. I am trying to avoid the expense of a full bee suit.
    What do you use for body...
  24. Thread: Hello all!

    by vnatzke

    Hello all!

    Getting my first bees this Spring. I was looking for a forum to learn from, so thanks to all who post here!
    Do any of you have recommendations for places to purchase 2 packages from: we are in...
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