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    Re: Should I feed back Fermenting honey

    When making up sugar syrup I add about 2 Tbsp of vinegar per gallon of syrup to try to suppress mold growth. It lowers the pH just a little. The bees seem to approve.

    I wonder if the vinegar...
  2. Thread: Hive Stands

    by gtp086

    Re: Hive Stands

    You must not have ant problems in your area.
    We use grease coated baffles on water-pipe legs for that problem.
    (Ants colony size inside city limits tend to be much larger than in rural areas)...
  3. Re: where do commercial beekeepers buy their bee hives and frames

    The trade magazines, American Bee Journal, and Bee Culture, have advertisements of the usual commercial woodware suppliers. Expect to pay for freight shipping by the pallet. (Do you have a truck...)...
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    Re: When should I take vacation?

    Here is some advice given to someone who had to travel for two weeks during the spring build-up.
    If the brood was spread between two or more boxes, do a walk-away split,
    including splitting the...
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    Re: Checker boarding, my bees not following rules?

    Hi MP,

    The flip answer is that the bees didn't read the checkerboarding reference you did.

    Seriously... have you CB'd before or is this the first time?

    Are they actually clustering at the...
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    Re: Beekeeping Books

    I second the recommendation of Michael Bush's book and his web site
    He also hosts which is a fun read
  7. Thread: Bee sting

    by gtp086

    Re: Bee sting

    Hi Billy,

    Honeybee stings on my hands, arms, and neck produce pain of short duration, and mild swelling. Stings on my face make me look like Quasimodo!

    Some develop tolerance to stings. A few...
  8. Re: New beekeeper seeking some info on treatment free

    Hi Jeff,

    Did you research Russians? Why didn't you choose Russians in the first place?

    Choice of foundation is more like religion. It can stimulate heated arguments.

    Install a hook on the...
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    Re: To Paint or Not To Paint

    A local sideline beekeeper said she gets her paint from the the local (municipal or county or disposal company's) toxics disposal facility rather than buying it.

    Michael Bush has a few things to...
  10. Re: New beekeeper seeking some info on treatment free

    Hi Jeff,
    My spouse and I are in our third year of beekeeping in the San Fransisco bay area where the bees raise brood all winter long. The first winter we lost one of two colonies, and dusted...
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    Re: Hard working hive - nature or nurture?

    Perhaps the issue is management.
    This year have three hives, two of which are daughters of the one hive that survived last winter. One is a house afire! the other two are lagging... one of which is...
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    Re: Is this normal ?

    Do you think you have pathogen resistant or hygienic bees?
    I agree it looks like a pupa extracted from a capped cell before it fully developed.
    Read up on hygienic bees or queens. See if your...
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    Re: Bees re-use wax?

    Last August I did more-or-less the same kind of cut-out from a roof in Oakland, Ca. When we moved the bees to our yard we gave them 1:1 syrup or 1:2 syrup so they could build up stores and comb. ...
  14. Re: Need to locate experts on bee physiology regarding toxicity on Chloramines

    My question for the chemist was with regard to neutralizing chloramine with Vinegar.
    Does it work as well as Vitamin C, for instance?
    The Wikipededia page on Chloramine says a gram of ascorbic...
  15. Re: Need to locate experts on bee physiology regarding toxicity on Chloramines

    The Wikipedia page on Chloramine mentions that it is easily deactivated by the digestive process (in animals implied).
    Furthermore, ascorbic acid neutralizes chloramine.
    If you add some vinegar to...
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