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    Re: Can't find my queen. When do I panic?

    I rarely see her. If I see a good brood pattern and hive is healthy, zero concern.
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    Re: Queenless swarm...?

    Last year I had a hive throw a few swarms with virgin queens. Maybe you stumbled across the same. I had no idea that would happen, but learned the hard way. Good luck.
  3. Re: Avoiding a swarm (or at least giving it my best shot).


    To say I appreciate your thoughts is an understatement! Many thanks. I've been back out and added another box to the "original" hive - on the right - and I'll keep an eye on them, but...
  4. Re: Avoiding a swarm (or at least giving it my best shot).

    Walt: Thanks for the reply.

    On the queen cells - they were spread out over the boxes - the queen kind of chimney'd up as opposed to going wide in any box. So maybe there were 12-18 cells - all...
  5. Avoiding a swarm (or at least giving it my best shot).

    I’m a third year beekeeper. Last year I had a hive really get big on me and throw off two or three swarms. This year, I had one hive (different one) come out of winter pretty strong and again –...
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    Re: Checking a new hive

    I'm only a third year, but I was told when I started to have specific goals for an inspection, and to leave the visit to that. Turned out to be great advice for me in terms of limiting the duration...
  7. Re: How often do you inspect your hives? And do you smoke during inspection?

    Every couple weeks if no problems. Yes to smoke. Not overboard but I use it every time. I'm third year beek. Best advise I was given was to have a specific goal for each hive inspection, and to keep...
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    Cleaning up comb in a hive

    Today I visited one of my larger hives for my first real spring cleaning, so to speak. Meaning – do a reversal if necessary, clean the screened bottom board, check that the queen is doing well, etc....
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    Re-use of Frames Year on Year

    Third year beek here. Last year was the first I harvested honey. Also had a couple hives lost due to mismanagement, not disease, and was able to salvage good comb from them. I put them in the...
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    Re: Feeding hives during the winter

    Im really pressed for time or id make the myself and only have a few hives. So i went the easy route and bought Dadant winter patties. Mine were also light. Not the cheapest route, but path of...
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    How to use Dadant winter patties

    Anyone use? I'm going to put them on a hive, wondered if they fit beneath the inner cover or if a spacer is required. Thanks, and Merry Christmas.
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    Re: Finding the Queen with an Excluder

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    Finding the Queen with an Excluder

    I'd had a very difficult time in a large hive finding the queen - I use all mediums, and there's regularly brood across three boxes. I went out Sunday - same result - went through each box, every...
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    Requeening when Combining Hives: timing?

    Ok, let's assume I'd like to combine two weak hives that have both lost their queens/queens failing. What's the order: Requeen one - assure acceptance, then combine? Or comine both first - then...
  15. Re: Late Season Adjustments Needed (Advnice Sought)

    These are all great thoughts, thanks. I thought about feeding, but there is plenty out there right now and they are ok now with stores. I figured feeding wouldn't improve that, but it's a thought.
  16. Late Season Adjustments Needed (Advnice Sought)

    Ok, I'm a 2nd Y Beek in SW PA. I've got 5 hives, two appear to be in trouble - no queen. Here's the facts.

    1. We're just coming full swing into our fall flow. Looks to be good - as all five...
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    Re: Foundationless woes

    I had intended to use foundationless, and with my first year under my belt, began adding foundationless to my hives. That I know of, I followed foundationless "best practices," meaning: starter...
  18. Re: My Captured Swarm - Split (as in left). What probably happened?

    Thanks for the thoughts - on this - I'm not sure I understand. I used a screened bottom board - so I don't think she could get out. How does the queen excluder play into it?

    Thanks again -
  19. My Captured Swarm - Split (as in left). What probably happened?

    I found a swarm next to one of my hives - the strongest of the two I have. Low in a tree about 15 yards from the original hive. Took a new outfit - bottom board, body, 10 frames - dropped them in...
  20. Re: 2 Q's: (1) Finding the Queen; and (2) Queen Excluder Use

    since I don't use deeps, would you say put the excluder above the second or third medium? Thanks.
  21. Re: 2 Q's: (1) Finding the Queen; and (2) Queen Excluder Use

    These are all great answers, and please keep them coming. A related q here... For all you who use all mediums, what does your "average" brood arrangement look like? I mean "x frames in box 1, x in...
  22. 2 Q's: (1) Finding the Queen; and (2) Queen Excluder Use

    I have two questions – one about finding the queen, and another related to the use of a queen excluder. For reference, I use all mediums – two of my hives are “second year” – the other three new...
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    Re: Hive Stand Suggestions

    I'm only in my Second year, but use cinder blocks and 4x4's, but with the blocks up on end and the 4x4's pushed through the ends. I can't seem to post the pic, so message me with an email address if...
  24. Please share your foundationless experience from package install.

    I've spent enough time cruising this site about every angle related to foundationless frames, read many books, but I've not been able to read of the collective experience of those who have tried it. ...
  25. Thread: Suit or Jacket

    by jamesjr

    Re: Suit or Jacket

    Last year was my first, and I got the full suit. Though it's obviously warmer on hot days, it's not that uncomfortable, and I felt better. I did so much study before I got my bees. Read many...
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