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    Re: pneumatic stapler/nailer

    if your looking for the minimum find a 1/4 inch crown gun like the bostich or hitachi...our older bostich only shoots 1" staples and I like the 1 1/4" lenght when using 1/4 inch crown so we used a...
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    Re: price for assembling frames

    I would say that .10 a peice is fair for putting the frames together with a staple gun...I can do 100 frames in about 45-50 far as wiring frames goes thats a little slower process...
  3. Re: Nail gun or wide crown stapler to assemble supers?

    depends how many you are building and how much you want to spend. We used to use the 1/4 inch crown stapler for frames and a 1/2 inch crown stapler for boxes...thats what we had. Now we use a SENCO...
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    Re: Mann Lake Price Increase.

    Dadant just increased their prices in the past two weeks also.
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    Re: Eyelet holes ??

    why not skip the eyelets drill a small hole (whatever size) and use T-50 staples. put a staple above the holes on one sidebar and between the holes on the other. the eyelets keep the wire from...
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    Re: Trends in beekeeping.

    I never heard that the American dream was to make money without sweat...and you surely wont build a bee business without at lot of "sweat equity"....I think what this country lost was its work...
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    Re: plywood box

    Answering for FISH (My Dad) we run telescoping the 1x2's solve the bowing prob. We also bring lids back into the shop each year or two in rotation to repaint them, makes them last longer...
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    Re: How many hives per acre?

    You wont see any significant increase in honey from an acre or two, as everyone else stated whether or not they produce a honey yield will be based on what forage is within 2-3 miles of the...
  9. Re: Bee Breeding Yard Number Confusion

    We have AHB here in FL also, we breed our own queens and mate them in our yards. We put drone comb in many select hives and vary our genetics yearly with the purchase of breeder queens as well as...
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    Re: Moffett / Princeton forklifts

    How many times are you moving them? It might make more sense to rent a small bobcat from an equipment rental business. Im fortunate that I am able to borrow the equipment I need to move mine (300...
  11. Re: bottom bars, staples, and splitting

    glue, titebond III. Sure some of the bottom bars split a little when you shoot a staple in them, we glue everything, top and bottom bars, the glue bond is stronger than the staple. Also we...
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    Re: 1/2" nails for wiring frames

    Dadant carries them...purchased by the pound.
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    Re: I got a theory on splits:

    Ace, splits and increases really are not that hard a concept to grasp and be successfull...I personally think making a successfull split is one of the easiest tasks to master in all of beekeeping. ...
  14. Re: Did my hive die out or abscond and any ideas why.

    what is the history on this weak hive, how old, mite counts?? bees will abscond with severe mite infestation. why do you think they were weak all year?
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    Re: TRUCKS post a picture of your rig!

    here is my bee truck...
  16. Re: Bloom routes (for lack of a better term)

    Orange blossom here in FL starts beginning of March thru mid april...but its a gamble anymore depending on if they meet their spray schedule before the start of the dont want bees there...
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    Re: swarm trap

    dadant carries the plastic jester bee company nucs.
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    Re: Two Queens On The Same Frame

    I would say two queens in a hive is not indicative of MB stated probably a mother daughter combo...and eventually the older queen will "disappear". That being said sometimes two queens...
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    Re: To Paint or not to.

    you do not need to paint insides....the bees will "paint" it themselves with propolis.
  20. Re: build up on boxes ..what should i do? see pic

    I find the spacers to be a big pain in the butt....We purchased 300 supers from a guy and many had the spacers, it was just easier to leave them in and deal with the frames fitting tight, way too...
  21. Re: Beginner Queen Rearing using the Joseph Clemens Starter/Finisher

    this is the method we use to make all of our cells. 20-25 cell cups in a 5frame nuc, or 45 cell cups in an 8 frame like a charm. Over the summer we usually have cells coming out of...
  22. Re: How to move from hobbyist to sideliner

    copied from another thread I recently posted to:

    I am blessed with a full time job, when we decided to get back into the bee business I had one goal "build it debt free". We started with 22 nucs...
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    Re: Re-queening frequency

    Bear in mind that subsequent generations of "mean" queens tend to be "mean also..IMO...In my experience they become even more agressive...good luck with that. Kill her and get some new genetics in...
  24. Re: Bee Haver vs Bee Keeper vs Bee Meddler

    Really???? This topic again??? Just keep your bees however you wish....who cares about the labels...this stuff get so old. :(
  25. Re: Hands off management of nucs for back yard beek.

    In reading the original post/question 2 things come to mind:

    1. MP's statement was in regards to several people sharing resources to create a thriving "BUSINESS", nothing in his statement...
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