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  1. How do I improve extracted honey show entries?

    So we recently entered our first honey show and were marked down for honey on the lid and a small fleck of wax in one of the jars. How do I improve for next time? I used a two stage stainless filter...
  2. Re: Occupied queen cups without backfilling while hive builds comb - possible swarm p

    I'm not sure if the cups are occupied because I need new glasses. I thought there was larva, but am not sure. I tried to upload pictures, but couldn't get it to work, even with the basic uploader...
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    Re: Great Hive tie down

    I used the HFT straps for the second half of winter in conjunction with their moving blankets. Cheap and they worked well enough.
  4. Occupied queen cups without backfilling while hive builds comb - possible swarm prep?

    I found what I believe are multiple queen cups in a hive, two of which are possibly occupied - I definitely need glasses. There is room in the hive, and I just added two drawn supers. Although the...
  5. Re: Beekeeping restrictions in Henrico Co., VA???

    Just so you know, not all us transplants are evil ;)

    It's a long story, but I was an Agriculture major and horse owner in a previous lifetime. Did my fieldwork mainly on goats and swine, so no...
  6. Re: Beekeeping restrictions in Henrico Co., VA???

    When did Varina/E. Henrico get all citified? Did some checking around today, and both sources said I'd likely have to fly under the radar. Major bummer. We're talking 2+ acres!!!

  7. Beekeeping restrictions in Henrico Co., VA???

    I just got off of the phone with planning and zoning. They just told me you can't have bees or chickens unless your property is at least 400' from a residential property line. My understanding was...
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    Re: Broke-T Queens (Johnny Thompson)

    I received my queens in good order despite USPS losing them on arrival (and despite Johnny having clearly printed instructions on the package).
  9. Re: Winter loss - why the loss and your remedy

    My winter losses reinforced the need to treat according to mite levels and not the calendar - especially on Italian hives. I also learned that queens mated in my yards may be better at overwintering...
  10. Wierd requeening idea: Moving queenless hive to an area with more drones?

    Background: During inspections today, I found a small hive that's gone queenless. I wondered where I could get a mated queen locally (drones are just hatching and being capped in my hives at least)....
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    Re: Best ventilated bee suit?

    My husband has a Mann Lake jacket and I just bought the Ultrabreeze suit. I bought my suit mainly based on BeeSource reviews. Can't say I was blown away when comparing them side-by-side. While I...
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    Re: Trying out a TBH to a Lang apiary

    Part of me wants to abandon common sense and go "all in" with this deluxe hive from Aunt Bea's Bees. But I'd be stuck w/ one hive that isn't compatible with the rest.

    I was hoping for a commercial...
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    Re: Trying out a TBH to a Lang apiary

    Depending on time of day, probably 3.5 - 4 hours. But it's only 90 minutes if I'm already in Richmond. Anyone down there that can craft this stuff?
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    Re: Trying out a TBH to a Lang apiary

    A horizontal/long hive would be ideal. Do you know anyone, especially locally, who makes those?

    The frames and bars don't have to be compatible, but it should would make for easier management
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    Trying out a TBH to a Lang apiary

    Not sure if this is the right subforum for my questions, but here goes....

    Given some medical issues (and my helper developing an allergy), I'm thinking top bar hives might be more appropriate;...
  16. Re: Failed Cortisone injections, considering apitherapy

    I got my rheumatologist's approval to try bee stings. It's not like I couldn't do it anyway, but it's nice to have physician support. The issue now is to get the nerve to actually go through with...
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    Re: New beekeeper in Northern Virginia

    Welcome, neighbor!

    How many hives are you starting out with? Have you joined one of the local clubs?

    Your bees will be here before you know it, then the real fun begins!
  18. Thread: Skull Hive

    by urbanoutlaw

    Re: Skull Hive

    Too bad you can't use a sonic screwdriver in lieu of a smoker ;)

    The skull hive IS rather cool, but the TARDIS hive is in an entirely different league!
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    Re: Making a skep

    The annual household limit is 200 gallons - for beer at least. Five or ten gallons would be an average batch size.

    Great thread, OP. Thanks also, BernhardHeuvel, for the great pictures.
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    Re: rheumatoid arthritis

    Used to have help until my spouse had a systemic reaction. Just take it slow and transfer frames into nuc boxes to make lifting more feasible. I have a garden wagon also. Think of creative ways to...
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    Re: Crush and Strain: Will this work?

    Last season, we crushed & strained a super of foundationless honey frames. We cut the combs from the frames, and crushed them in a spaghetti pot (you can use a colander) with a potato masher. Next,...
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    Re: Expired MAQs pail - what to do with it?

    Crap! Had I known that it would last indefinitely, I would've kept it cold. Totally missed that bit of info: It's been sitting in the basement all this time. :eek:

    While I know it won't go from...
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    Expired MAQs pail - what to do with it?

    My pail of MAQs expires next month - is there anything productive that I can use it for, aside from mite treatments? If not, how do I dispose of it?

    I say aside from mite treatments, because it...
  24. Re: Bee bringing in pollen, but what in the world is blooming?

    Found this Wikipedia article:

    If I had to guess, based on the date, locale, and color, it would be maple and Grey Alder (Alnus incana). I will concede...
  25. Re: Bee bringing in pollen, but what in the world is blooming?

    I hadn't noticed the maples or elms popping at the house, but the bee yard is about 10 miles south in a slightly different microclimate. That said, I see buds on practically everything and do need...
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