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    Re: Dry land beekeeping

    That is a great advantage, not having any crops or urban areas close by. Your honey will be truly "wildflower" honey. Once you get your bees, you will start noticing things that flower, that you...
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    Re: What power supply to get for OAV?

    Can you drive your car up to the hives? If you need an extension from the car battery, you can use jumper cables to connect to the vaporizer.
  3. Re: What time of day to treat with an oxalic acid vaporizer?

    When I treat I get up nice and early before the bees are out flying. Block off the entrance and vaporize. I guess you could do it at night, but I'd think it would upset them more since it it night...
  4. Re: Custom Painted Decorative Hive Boxes Dandelions

    Those are sweet!
  5. Re: Custom Painted Decorative Hive Boxes Tree of Life

    Now that is really cool!
  6. Re: "Beekeeper ordered to pay bills for neighbor who was stung"

    Wow, those Bay Area/S.F. prices. I went to a small town hospital, was seen in 10 minutes upon arrival, 3 x-rays, and the bill was under $1000.00
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    Re: Removing bees from honey supers

    Same as Grozzie2, I put the bee escapes under 3 supers, left it on for a day or so, still had plenty of bees in the supers, and clogged exits in the bee escape along with several dozen dead bees. I...
  8. Re: Ideas for keeping cool in a full suit?

    All I can think of is get your shirt soaking wet before you put your suit on. Would work where I live, as it's a dry heat, not humid. Don't know about where you are.
  9. Re: Honey comb that has both honey and pollen in the cells,

    Thanks Ray, I too use a paint filter in a 5 gal bucket. I'll filter this little bit on its own though.
    Thanks for the info on the wax too, I've 3 buckets for wax, dark, golden, and light stuff. ...
  10. Honey comb that has both honey and pollen in the cells,

    I have a frame of honey that has pollen in it also. I thought it was dark honey, then when I scraped it off the foundation, there was a bunch of packed pollen under the honey.
    Is it a loss, or can...
  11. Can I store frames with brood comb, that has honey around the edges?

    Or do I need to store them without the honey in them?

    Have one colony that absconded. Harvesting the honey from that hive, but am unsure if I can store the brood comb with the pollen and honey...
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    Sticky: Re: Post Your Bloom Dates - 2015

    approx 7/06/15
    Rabbit Brush
    Started seeing the girls bringing in yellow pollen, on a drive into town, sure enough, the rabbit brush is slowly starting to bloom.
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    Re: Extracting: Sticky Predicament

    I stash mine in my freezer. But then you have to make sure it's REALLY warmed up to extract. I tried to extract yesterday, took them out of the freezer 24 hours earlier, then put them in a car to...
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    Re: Ants: Cinnamon and Mineral Oil

    Thanks for posting, I'll have to try it. I dont have a Big problem with ants, but the ants I do have will patrol the stand under the hives, and attack any stray bees that land in that area. Guess...
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    Re: My son gave me this last night.

    Like everyone else, made me misty eyed. How cool is that, thank goodness they called you about the youngest ones siblings. Takes a lot of patience, but your patience is working, he's gonna be a...
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    Re: Political signs...

    They are supposed to be removed after the election, so, after the next election, go collect them.
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    Re: Crazy or Cool beek?

    If the guy is clean, his place is clean, he's not hurting anyone, leave him bee. People nowadays go overboard on a ton of things, sports, hobbies, ie: train enthusiasts, classic car collectors, you...
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    Re: Just a rant

    Wow, what a coincidence, same thing happened to me. I had some Mann Lake frames left over from last year, about 30, needed foundation to go with them so I ordered Mann Lake foundation,...
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    Re: Drone pupa near hive entrance

    Heck, they may feel the need to get rid of drones because they dont need them.
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    Re: watering bees

    Same as Live Oak, I've seen bees where a mineral block had been. There had been a rain, and the bees loved that spot. Havent done it yet, but I too will be putting out a pan of water with some...
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    Re: Bee equipment storage barn

    Or, a conex box, aka:shipping container. Mouse tight, and you can have doors and windows built into them.
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    Re: Italians outpacing Carniolan

    Funny, I see just the opposite. My Carni hives outpace my Italians. The Carnies are out and about earlier, but the Italians stay out later. My italians are still working on their first honey...
  23. Re: Does a queen make mating flights on one day only?

    Don't leave BS Moccasin, remember, "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent". So what if someone ridicules your opinion, give it anyway. I think what you posted makes sense. And,...
  24. Re: Here's another "What is it?" mystery

    It says invalid attachment, the things your talking about may be a ball of spider eggs
  25. Re: I guess you can shoot bears in Minnesota for raiding your hives!

    I'm with Waynesgarden, the bears are just being bears, you need to just be smarter than the bears.
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