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  1. Re: Could there be two colonies in this wall?

    "Could there be two colonies in this wall?"

    I would expect to see only one colony inside that wall.
  2. Re: Best smoker fuel I have ever found, what do you use?

    "and let me know what you use."

    I use cedar wood shavings from my woodwork. But they don't last eleven hours. The pine straw around here is too pungent and stays on me too long. How do the pine...
  3. Re: Deformed wing virus in a treatment free hive.

    "Sounds like you have something figured out, anyway."

    AL, I don't think that I have anything figured out. I am trying to work with a decent amount of possibly promising genetics in a fairly short...
  4. Re: Deformed wing virus in a treatment free hive.

    "You should be performing alcohol washes on a regular basis, and you should always know your current mite load. Knowing your mite load is important, whether you use treatments or other methods, you...
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    Re: New Package - Sugar Water NOT Punctured

  6. Re: Is treatment-free beekeeping possible at all?

    "Btw: it has easily been 10 years since I was active on a forum, but this forum is different. I've been reading up on things and the amount of knowledge combined here is immense."

  7. Re: How far away can the bees bee from a bee vac.

    "I have a swarm to collect that is in a gable about 40 feet up. They do not appear to actually be in the structure but they are clustered in the gable.

    "I put a swarm trap up and the bees seem...
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    Re: Why moderator approval?

    That comment reflects someone who is knowledgeable, intelligent, kind, and patient. Good form.
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    Re: Bee stings

    "So I will continue to work my bees as usual very slow using no protection."

    Suit yourself. I would not work your bees using no protection. Honey bees have various, varying, and variable...
  10. Re: Assmbling Hives Bodies - Battery powered finish nailer or air powered Framing Nai

    "Please offer your opinions on which direction you would go."

    I use a pneumatic staple gun with 18 gauge, 1/4" x 1 1/2" long, staples with Titebond III glue for boxes and 1 1/4" long staples and...
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    Re: Bee management plan

    "When I first started bee-keeping I made a management plan. Of course when I got bees it changed."

    "Everybody has a plan until they get punched in the mouth." Mike Tyson.
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    Re: Gulf Coast flow

    "Just wanting to see if I need to add some feeders or wait a few days on the NUCs."

    I would wait. Tallow trees are starting up here, and indications are that that will be a strong flow. Until...
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    Re: Vinegar and Feeding

    Why are robber bees so attracted to syrup with vinegar as opposed to syrup without vinegar?
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    Re: Just a rant

    "I would like to find a reputable place for grooved top and bottom frames and hookless wired foundation. Any recommendations???"

    The title of this thread shows that you know what's going on....
  15. Re: I now understand why staplers are so popular...

    "In about 10 minutes I was able to put this together."

    Simple. Elegant.
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    Re: Need some support on bearding

    "So after reading this my wife thought I should put a umbrella over them to help keep them cool. I was showing her the fanners and she suggested that. What do you think of that?

    The wind will tear...
  17. Re: 1st cutout- what to do with the remaining bees?

    "how long will forager bees keep coming back to the same spot?"

    A week.
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    Re: Need some support on bearding

    "Is this normal?"


    "IS this a problem? how to I correct if so?"

    I would not consider that bearding a problem as long as the bees have some room to expand inside. I try not to have hives...
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    Re: Is it too late to start this year?

    "I would love to get started now, if possible-- but wonder if I've waited too long."

    No. Get started as quickly as you reasonably can, but you are not at all too late.

    "Any ideas of where I can...
  20. Re: Moved 2 hives for treework to be done..need advice please

    "Should I move hives back now during daylight or wait until dusk?"

    I would wait wait until solid dusk. After I moved it this time, I would put something in front of the entrance for a day or two...
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    Re: Uniting swarms

    "Is there a way to unite unwanted swarms with weak colonies right way ..."

    I have used household air freshener to successfully combine two small hives quickly. I used very little air freshener.
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    Re: How to remove a outside hive ?

    "Also should I light the smoker for this event ?"

    I would not out of concern that to do so would chase the bees into the recesses of the wall.
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    Re: How to remove a outside hive ?

    "what's the best way to hive this Cluster ?

    I would set up a hive with two eight frame boxes with four frames in each box and space in the middle to put the bees. I would put a queen excluder...
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    Re: Am I in trouble?

    "Am I in trouble?


    "could someone give me any tips for seeing eggs and larvae."

    Your queen should be laying. Remember where you saw her. That will give you a general idea of where the...
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    Re: building frames

    "The time you put into them is just too much. We build our boxes, lids, bottom boards and everything else but not the frames."

    Same here. Some pleasant winter weekend I'll probably build a couple...
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