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  1. Inspection method when looking for swarm cells?

    Do you go frame by frame or just tip the hive body on its side to look for swarm cells? I know swarm cells don't always occur on the bottoms so tipping might miss something. Just curious what the...
  2. Re: New hive going strong...but not expanding into 2nd box.

    Ditto. Without foundation to crawl up bees are reluctant to move up to the second box and draw comb down from the empty bars whether there are starter strips or not. I made this error with a Warre...
  3. Newly hived swarm - comb production expectations?

    Is there a rule of thumb for the expected build out of a newly hived swarm? In other words, how much comb/stores should one see in say a two week period? I have two swarms captured both about 2...
  4. Re: Going to 9 frame supers with foundationless?

    Yes I'm seeing same thing. If I move drawn comb up into an empty box of frames and alternate empty/drawn they seem to want to make the already drawn comb extra fat and the neighboring comb is drawn...
  5. Going to 9 frame supers with foundationless?

    I have two 10 frame foundationless Langs that are booming. They are drawing out comb in the supers without too much trouble and seem to be wanting to make the comb thicker than the 10 frame spacing...
  6. How do you know when to stop expanding/opening the brood nest?

    Is there a certain time of year or a behavior you watch for to know when swarming is no longer as much of a "danger?"
  7. Re: Hive stand from black pipe? How much flex?

    Good point. I was thinking of just painting the black pipe but galvanized would work better and be cheaper =). Trying to decide how long to make each span between legs. I figure I could fit 3...
  8. Hive stand from black pipe? How much flex?

    I've picked up 3 swarms in the past 2 weeks and I'd like to build a longer hive stand to setup them all on. I'm considering building a stand using some black pipe so it can be broken down for...
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    Re: How much can you redirect a trap?


    Bees are entering along the peak where the two fascia boards meet. It is over 30 feet up from the ground level. I hung over the edge of the roof but couldn't figure out any way to attach...
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    Re: How much can you redirect a trap?

    Thanks Cleo! I'll know more about what I'll need to do once I see it first hand. Any suggestions on the best way to attach a box to the side of the gable if they let me go that route? I'm assuming...
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    How much can you redirect a trap?

    I'm heading to look at a trap out at the peak of a gable on a two story house today. The home is a historic landmark so the owners aren't real keen on cutting into it and I'm unsure how to secure a...
  12. Expanding brood nest - when do you move the newly drawn frames?

    I moved a few empty frames into the brood nest a few weeks ago. Yesterday most of them were drawn and contained at least some brood. At what point do you repeat the process (making a new empty...
  13. Trapping out a fresh colony. Put on the funnel sooner?

    I'm looking at trapping out a fresh colony this week. Homeowner saw them move in just yesterday with lots of noise and activity. He has had bees there at least 2 years before and then none last...
  14. Cold front coming through tonight? Reduce entrances again?

    We had our first nice hot humid day here yesterday and both my hives were really active so I pulled the reducers off the entrances. Of course now we have a cold front coming through tonight that...
  15. Hives looking good with two deeps. Checkerboard the 2nd and add a 3rd?

    My two hives have lots of brood going in the bottom box and the 2nd is drawn empty comb and stores. I manipulated a bit yesterday to open up the broodnest in the bottom deep inserting two empty...
  16. Switching hive bodies and relocating....what order?

    I need to move my hives from my home to their summer location in a friend's field sometime in the coming weeks. However, I am also going to be switching them from long Langs to traditional hive...
  17. Re: What is considered "enough" for spring stores?

    I'm hesitant to give sugar syrup with the few cold snaps we probably still have coming through the end of March (I've read that too much moisture in the hive can be problematic if we get another cold...
  18. What is considered "enough" for spring stores?

    I just checked my two hives that made it through the winter. One had 3-4 deep frames of honey and the other 1-2. There may have been some closer to the brood nest but I didn't want to disturb them....
  19. Re: Is it considered standard practice to split a hive each year?

    Thank you for all the great input! So if I split off for a nuc should I do this for both hives or just the strongest one? If the parent hive is too large could I sill end up with an overpopulation...
  20. Is it considered standard practice to split a hive each year?

    I have two hives that made it through the winter and they both are looking good so far. I'd like to expand some this year but I'm confused as to whether I should split them routinely for this...
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    Deadout from nosema?

    Lost this hive early in the winter and just opened it up today. Does the pattern of waste on the top bars suggest disease?

    Edit: I just pulled the frames and the waste is pretty much just on the...
  22. Re: Called for trap out in large tree - trap out now or leave until spring?

    Thanks for the replies. I spoke with the homeowner and I'm going to wait until spring and reduce and prepare the entrance for the future trap out. I've got plenty of plywood I can cut down to fit...
  23. Called for trap out in large tree - trap out now or leave until spring?

    Went on a call today for "bees in a tree" and found a very well established hive (at least two years) in an old growth oak tree. The entrance is a long vertical 35" split at the base of the tree and...
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    Re: Overwintering options? "Indoors?"

    Bugmeister: Most people here suffered at least some loss. I was in line to pick up packages this spring and a fellow beekeeper told me that she lost 9 of 10 this past winter. I know some people...
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    Overwintering options? "Indoors?"

    After losing all my hives to the coldest winter Michigan has had in 30 years I'm 4 hives strong again but I'm worried about this coming winter. Word on the street is this year's will be as bad or...
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