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    Re: When can I add supers?

    Like cdevier said, do it now. If you do not have drawn out frames to give them take 2 or 3 frames from your 1st super and put them in the second. Put undrawn frames in between drawn frames, that...
  2. Re: Freeman beetle trap How to keep water out

    Tilt your hive forward a bit, maybe a quarter to half inch out of level that will help water flow away. But make sure side to side is level especially if you are using foundationless frames.
  3. Re: will laying worker hive make queen cell if given worker eggs?

    The guy running our bee club (3rd generation beek) told us back in March that if you have a laying worker 99% of the time you will not be able to save the hive. They will not accept a new queen,...
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    Re: bees are not building into the new box

    In my limited experience, I would move up just the two outer frames that they just completed. Put them in the middle of the super with an undrawn frame in between. The drawn comb will make the aware...
  5. Re: Best time of day to replace bottom board?

    Check the oil every couple of weeks. It can go from being OK to completely nasty in a short amount of time.
    Generally I'd filter/change it 2 to 3 times a year.
    This spring I stopped using oil and...
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    Re: Location Question

    In time you can "read" your bees. You'll know when they are in a good mood and when they are not.
    During a flow you can do almost anything and they will ignore you, no careful.
    If using...
  7. Re: Extractor Made from 201 Stainless vs 304 Stainless

    I'm using Crisco on my 1940's hand crank extractor with no issues. Learned about it after doing a search on BS. Put a few coats of Camcote on it also it you are worried about pitting.
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    Re: Mouse in hive, now what?

    I don't think I would be happy just scaring them out or trapping one or two outside the hive and then putting a guard on. IF they are rearing brood of their own they will soon die.........then stink...
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    Re: SHB in Oregon?

    The best DIY way is to keep your hives strong and full of bees. Check the Build it Yourself section here on BS for screened bottom boards. Also do a search for plans for Freemans Beetle Trap. I...
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    Re: New to the Atlanta area

    Hold on tight if we get an inch or two of snow, maybe some ice!!! You probably saw on the news the last few winter storms we've had. I'm a VA transplant, my wife is from CT and we still shake our...
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    Re: Hunters: anyone use electronic ears?

    Mine are so old the logo is gone. I remember going thru the Cabela's site and reading reviews, checking prices.
    Enjoy the spot and stalk while you can......once you're long(er) in the tooth and...
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    Re: Hunters: anyone use electronic ears?

    They are great at the target range. But while out hunting I put them on before I take a shot.
    What I don't like is that they amplify all sound, the wind, leaves, distant traffic........all the...
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    Re: Drowning bees in top feeder

    I put syrup on one side at a time. When it's empty I fill the other. Usually just a few or no bees on the dry side. Smoking and/or pouring slow helps.
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    Re: Beetle problem

    The best magic is a strong hive and lots of bees. The second best (for me at least) is a screened bottom board with oil trap. Search BS for DIY plans or suppliers.
    I had same problem last fall,...
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    Re: Weak queen and honey bound

    You might have a hard time finding a queen to buy this time of year and it's probably too late for them to raise one.
    I'd try to open the brood nest a little bit, she might have a spotty brood...
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    Re: Feeding Question??

    I guess it depends on if they have enough syrup stored to last them a while. If they have a few capped frames in the deep and several frames in a super you could stop feeding, no need to taper off. ...
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    Re: Do robbing screens work?

    Don't matter what they look like as long as they work!
    Can't tell from your pic......what is keeping the bottom of the screen secure? The first place robbers try to get in is all around the hive...
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    Re: Do robbing screens work?

    Without a doubt they work for me! I made mine with scrap 1/4" wood scraps and leftover screen from our windows. They saved my hives last year after I noticed a free-for-all in front of one. Now as...
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    Re: large hornet, not european

    The European hornets we have in my neck of Paulding are about 1 1/2 inches..........are you telling me bigger ones are around? No more rock salt in the scattergun! Guess you don't have any pics?
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    Re: Question about splits??

    I've done a few splits (very few) with mated queens and have not blocked the entrance, all have been successful.
    If you are trying to keep the foragers in the nuc I've added a robber screen and...
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    Re: Mating flights?

    Yep, she'll take a few flights over the next several days, weather permitting. Then give her another few days to 3 weeks before she starts laying.
    The hard part is not taking a peek! You want to...
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    Re: Moving bees up from deep to mediums

    I've never tried it so take what I say with caution.
    First, replace the gifted deep with two mediums, put the deep frames in them, with our meds above.
    Second, after confirming the queen is NOT on...
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    Re: Game Plan Change

    Before you give your strong hives frames from you weak hives make sure you find out why they are weak.
    If it's just a failing queen, probably OK to divide. If they are weak because of V-mites,...
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    Re: SHB populations low this year?

    If you asked this question 2 weeks ago I would have agreed. I was only seeing maybe one per hive and maybe two in the bottom oil trap.
    Checked the trays Monday and I stopped counting after 30 of...
  25. Re: How long should I leave a queen that is not laying?

    Don't panic yet. she may be a slow starter. I think Michael Bush has said it can take up to 3 weeks for her to start laying.
    If you can add a frame with eggs/young larva, with the attached nurse...
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