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    Re: which magazine?

    I have subscribed to ABJ and Bee Culture at different times in the past. They are both good. My preference is Bee Culture.
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    Re: My neighbour's bees have it in for me...

    I think that the most significant pieces of advice that you got are:
    - don't wear cologne/after shave/perfume when in your back yard - they will go after fairly aggressively
    - ask your neighbor to...
  3. Re: Ask This Old House now instructs beekeepers?

    It was like watching an episode of the Brady Bunch - very clean, very simple, everything was new and beautiful and of course it is just that easy.
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    Why do bees leave the hive in December?

    I am in Ohio and it is still early enough in the winter that our temperatures can swing from single digits to the low 50' in the course of a week. I am wondering why the bees come out of the hive ...
  5. Re: Cold nights and dead bees every morning

    Crawling on ground can be a symptom of varoa. Crawling in circles... Well my uncle does that when he is drunk and my dog does it when he has to poop,
  6. Re: Phrases I just wouldn't have expected to say till I started beekeeping

    Well I guess it's time for me to do another sugar role.
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    Solid Bottom Board

    I am using solid bottom boards with my hives this here. I generally let the bees keep anything that they have in their hive, I remove very little. I remove almost no propolis and very but comb for...
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    Re: Close up a hive during backyard party?

    I knew that hives could over heat but because I have not experienced it I under estimated how careful I would have to be if I did close my hives. I don't understand how the folks that move their...
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    Re: Customer concern

    It could have been worse BMAC, you could be married to her. Some poor guy probably is.
  10. Re: Warped/bowed inner covers, masonite or plywood?

    I now use a top hive entrances so no inner cover at all. The girls keep going in and out so I guess they like it too.
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    Re: Celebrity Beekeeper

    I guess Michael Bush's new challenge will be to teach us how to resonate. I think the Fat Beeman resonates, maybe you can Post videos about it.
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    Re: Some things I've learned about SHB

    I have restarted my bee yard this year after being out for about three years. I am using solid bottom boards for a couple of reasons, including giving the small hive beetle a much smaller area to...
  13. Re: super slow motion educational bee film 2 mins long please watch

    The video was great, I really enjoyed it. I had to mute it because the music was not so great. I agree with a comment earlier about keeping the words on the screen longer. Thanks for posting it.
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    Re: Queen cups in a new hive.

    When I saw her last weekend I assumed she was well mated because she was smoking a little cigarette and looked absolutely exhausted.
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    Re: Queen cups in a new hive.

    Thanks Vance for the comment. Just to clarify, when I brought the nuc home the queen was still in a queen cell so this is not a case of a mature queen being released. It seemed strange to see...
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    Queen cups in a new hive.

    When I inspected the hive tonight it was getting late so I did not get to do a full inspection. My intent was just to give them some syrup and a pollen Patty, but I couldn't help looking at a few...
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    Re: Foundationless question

    One of the advantages of natural cell is that the bees draw the size of comb that they need, and they know more about what they need than we do. below the starter strip they will draw the size that...
  18. Re: Is the last week of June too early to start nucs in NE Ohio?

    That is great help. Thanks for the comments and encouragement. I was considering over wintering in nucs already and given your comments I will plan to do that given the bees' ability to move up but...
  19. Is the last week of June too early to start nucs in NE Ohio?

    This is my first year in Ohio and it has been a few years since I last had my bees (so I have some experience but definitely not a veteran). I ordered nucs last winter, then got a call in April that...
  20. Re: How can I eradicate honey bees from the recesses of a banyan tree trunk?

    That is a great post over all Ed. The final comments provided great perspective.

    I hope that the bees live but agree that there are a few times when they should be removed.
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    Re: Not sure how to proceed

    I would do as Ray described except I would replace frames with foundationless, but then again I am a natural cell kind of guy.

    Good Luck!
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    Re: Top entrance question

    Thanks everyone for the posts. This has been a very helpful discussion.

    Mike Gillmore, I recently joined the Medina Beekeepers club. If you ever go to their meetings perhaps we can say hello in...
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    Re: Top entrance question

    By the way Lee, I believe in a natural bee tree, the entrance to the hive is much more often above the comb than below it.... I infer that as the bee's opinion on the subject of top entrances. :)
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    Re: Top entrance question


    Michael Bush advocates for the top entrance for reasons such as protection from mice and skunks, ventilation and heavy snow drift not covering the entrance. You can find his full write-up on...
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    Top entrance question

    I am going to use top entrances on my hives this year and am interested in knowing if others who use top entrances also use screen bottom boards or solid bottom boards. I live in northeast Ohio...
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