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    Re: How much is enough?

    Our local inspectors recommend 60 lbs going into winter here. Think of that as a medium super full of honey. If the bees are still taking it I would leave it on though we seem to be having a better...
  2. Re: Doing Bee Keeping Presentations at Schools - Need your thoughts

    For the younger ones take your OB hive and a list of honey bee trivia (google it). You will spend most of your time answering questions like "Where's the king bee?" It's actually a lot of fun and the...
  3. Re: Winter in central North Carolina top vent?

    I run screen bottom boards but slide a piece of corex (old political sign) underneath when it starts to get cold. I do not use inner covers and I feed dry sugar right on top of the frames...
  4. Thread: NC new bee

    by Beelang

    Re: NC new bee

    John, the NC State Beekeepers Association is the largest in the country and Franklin county has a chapter. I just checked their website and a member has nucs for sale. I'd highly recommend joining...
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    Re: Going to eights

    As far as moving the comb it has been my experience doing cutouts that the bees will seal it in place in the new frames in short order. They'll take care of the rubber bands too, typically booting...
  6. Thread: Bee Vac Help

    by Beelang

    Re: Bee Vac Help

    I use the smallest shop vac you can buy, 1 1/4 HP I believe and still have way to much suction. You are probably losing it through air leakage. It's hard to tell from the pics is the top of your vac...
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