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    Pre-Winter Feeding

    I have been feeding my bees for the past 2 to 3 weeks a 2:1 mix of sugar and water. They have been taking in about 2 quarts a day. It gets down to about 35 to 40 at night and then up to 50 and...
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    Treating for mites or NOT

    I installed a new 2 lb package with queen this year using drawn out foundation from last year. They have been doing well and are near ready to put a honey super on. Question is? Do I treat for...
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    They Died ..... Now what?


    Well I fed them and tried to get them to build up their strength in order to winter but 2 or my 4 hives have run out of food and subsequently died. The other 2 are not well either.

    Now I...
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    Re: Take the honey and kill the bees

    No frost as of yet and will begin feeding this weekend.
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    Re: Take the honey and kill the bees

    Good questions and I thank you for asking. I have given up in some regards as I bought 3 nucs this year. They were supposed to be packages but the place that I got them ran out and told me they...
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    Take the honey and kill the bees

    I realize that sounds horrible but none of my colonies have done well this year. I have one that completely disappeared. Of the other three only one has any surplus honey to remove. All of them...
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    Brood Chambers Honey Bound

    So far this year has been a difficult year to get the bees started. I started with Nucs. First time ever and the ones I started with were to be 4 frames of bees. Of the 4 Nucs only 2 had a full 4...
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    Winter Kill - Capped Honey

    I lost two of my hives to winter kill. When cleaning them out I found that they still some capped frames of honey in the brood frames. Questions is? Do I extract the honey before using the frames...
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    Winter Kill - What to do?

    Sad day in the bee yard.

    Checked my bees and found that they did not make it through the winter. Both hives. I knew that they were light going into the winter even with feeding. It seems that...
  10. After Extracting - How to get supers cleaned out?

    I have just finished extracting. Now I have honey supers that need to be cleaned out prior to storage. Do I put them back on top of the inner cover and let the bees clean them? Do I leave the...
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    Nuc's or Package Bees?

    Last year I ordered a 3 lb package of bees for the first time. I am planning on adding an additional 2 hives this year and found someone in the Wisconsin area that sells 5 frame Nuc's with queens...
  12. Re: Very Weak Hive prior to winter - What to do?


    I actually have a Hunter but I have been building a static model of the whale ship Morgan for the last 10 years. Hope to finish it in the next few years.

    I am thinking of trying to feed...
  13. Re: Very Weak Hive prior to winter - What to do?

    The original package came from Lapp's Bee Supply which obtained them from California. Not sure of the nationality of the bees. The queen replacement came from Alabama.

    Needless to say I am a bit...
  14. Very Weak Hive prior to winter - What to do?

    I am located in the West Bend, WI area.

    I started my first hive in the spring with a 3 lb package. All new equipment, all frames from foundation. The colony never did very well and I ended up...
  15. Honey Moisture Content - Is it safe to extract?

    I live in Wisconsin. Recently took the honey supers off which were well capped over. But I have one super that is partially filled and not capped.

    I have currently left in on the hive but I know...
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    Re: New Bee Keeper in West Bend, WI

    I ended up purchasing a spur embedder. After looking at the cost of the electic unit I decided that the manual embedder would serve me just fine. Thanks for all the input.
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    New Bee Keeper in West Bend, WI

    Hello all,

    I have just purchased equipment to begin bee keeping again after 15 years of being away from the bees. I used to keep about 12 hives and gave them up due to my children's growing...
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