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    Re: Visual difference in Mated Queens?

    Ive been keeping bees for 3 years and been really interested in queens and mating and how to tell the difference in queens in different stages. What ive learned from my own experience and from...
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    Re: New Honey Bee Photos

    thank you both for looking and commenting !
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    New Honey Bee Photos

    I posted a new blog post with a few pictures. Enjoy !
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    Re: Timeline for Package Progress?

    I've read that bees need heat to build comb and produce wax, I think the temperature needs to be above 75 degrees. That may not be the exact temperature, but it doesn't sound like your temps are high...
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    Re: Windows XP?

    You can get a computer that will get you on the internet just fine for cheap that has Windows 7. And thats all you need if you just do internet/email etc, but Photoshop and video editing puts you in...
  6. Re: General observations in North Georgia and eastern Tennessee...

    Ive got 9 hives, and a few of them have drones already in the hive and a few of them are flying. Tons of pollen coming in. Love seeing all the Henbit pollen coming in. No white wax yet either, but...
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    Re: How level must a hive be?

    As was already stated, front to back is important, but not as important as left to right. The bees will find whats true level is, and the comb they build will be wherever that ends up. I know this...
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    Re: How many nucs can a person sell?

    Ive never seen a beekeeper that shipped nuts, Ive never heard the exact reason why other than too dangerous for the bees. Im guessing that the queen walking around a hive that it getting bounced...
  9. Re: Topping off hives with sugar, different results.

    Thanks for all the replies. I remember reading about the mountain camp method now that it was brought up, but didn't remember that it was what I was doing. I plan on putting a more semi permanent...
  10. Topping off hives with sugar, different results.

    I overwintered 9 hives this winter, one was a nuc. They all started with a good amount of honey, and they are all still doing good. I didn't want to pull frames and check for honey since its been so...
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    Re: Nicot queen rearing system or graft?

    I used the Nicot some last year. It is convenient in ways, but there are many steps to it and the system has to be followed exactly or it won't work. And sometimes it won't work anyway. I put a queen...
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    Re: What frames to purchase?

    My system for adding foundationless frames to existing hives was not much of a system, just a desire to have them more "natural" So in only being my 2nd year and expanding, I didn't keep track of...
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    Re: What frames to purchase?

    Just a note, I went foundation less in a few of my hives last year and alternated finished frames to give them a guide. But you will get a lot more drone comb and drones in your hives when you go...
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    Re: Bee Blogs

    I have one that I started this past year. Mainly because I love taking pictures of my bees, and to educate on the good that comes from protecting bees etc, but I do write a little bit. I also plan...
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    Hello from Tennessee

    I started with 10s and after 2 seasons of rarely getting the 2 furthest outer frames drawn without manipulating them inward, I decided to go to 8's. It just makes sense to me now. Im not sold on the...
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    Re: SHB increasing then....

    I use diatomaceous earth around my hives to interrupt their life cycle but I still have them in all my hives. Something that really surprised me though, I few weeks ago I got a call about a hive on a...
  17. Re: Hive removal call. Are these bees or yellow jackets ?

    Thank you for all the answers and very good suggestions on how to handle the situation. I usually only show up and take bees. I'm not, nor do I want to be an exterminator. I'm going to send them this...
  18. Hive removal call. Are these bees or yellow jackets ?

    I got a call to remove a bee hive from a planter. Thinking it would be unlikely to have honey bees living in a planter, I asked them to send me pictures or a video from a cell phone. The quality is...
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    Re: Funny looking bees

    I posted a picture and basically the same question a few weeks ago. I got a very good answer and from what I can tell, an accurate answer. The bees that look different and almost wasp like are bees...
  20. Re: New Queen is getting mobbed by workers. What are they trying to prevent ?

    That's what I was wondering Adrian. I've been watching them some more and I found her on the comb surrounded by about 7 bees. They were all calm and she looked fine. Within 5 minutes, as she wandered...
  21. New Queen is getting mobbed by workers. What are they trying to prevent ?

    I just set up my oberservation hive a few days ago and had to requeen it. I put the queen up to one of the holes on the side of the hive and the bees were extremely happy to see her and fed her and...
  22. Re: Anyone in south use feed bags, etc as inner covers on nucs or hives ? SHB

    Ok that makes sense. I love using them as covers, I dont squish as many bees once I flip the bag over the top, you dont ave to disturb as many bees, it saves lots of money.......I'm bummed that I...
  23. Anyone in south use feed bags, etc as inner covers on nucs or hives ? SHB

    After watching Mike Palmer and others use feed bags and other lightweight materials as inner covers, I decided to try it to save some money. I have expanded from 2 hives to 8 this year. Equipment...
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    Questions for Tennessee bee keepers

    I live right outside of Nashville and I wanted to ask a few questions to beekeepers that live in Tennessee. I know beekeeping is the same most places, just a different time table. This is my 2nd year...
  25. Funny looking stripe on bottom of Cordovan bees

    I was looking through one of my hives today and noticed quite a few of the bees had a funny looking bottom. Id say about 20% of the bees have this. The queen was installed about 5 weeks ago, and shes...
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