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  1. Re: it's 21 degrees and honey is dripping

    The colony is still alive. Heard buzzing but didn't break any thing open. If it is a mouse, how do you get it out? Just bait a trap?
  2. it's 21 degrees and honey is dripping


    Just went out and walked around my hives. It's 21 degrees out. Hives are wrapped with tar paper. Noticed a liquid on the bottom board and thought it was snow melt. Touched it and it was...
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    Re: Lots of dead bees AGAIN this winter

    Seems you should find dead bees. Bees die and fall to bottom board. The undertaker bees aren't going to leave the warmth of the cluster to clean out the dead bees.
  4. Re: Winter is on its way, I need some books to read until spring. Any suggestions?

    Penn State College of Agriculture has a lot of fact sheets and PDF for in the field type of reading. One of the better field books is "A field Guide to HoneyBees and Their Maladies." THere are lots...
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    Re: Cheapest Supplier
    out of Windsor Maine. Small shop but they just finished ann order for 3000 hive's to ship out west. The owner is a machinist by training. The fit and finish are...
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    Best video by rank

    Has there ever been a thread on ranking videos on youtube or vimeo? Looking to see what people think are the top videos a beekeeper should watch.

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    Book Suggestions


    I recently received an Amazon gift card. I am trying to decide which bee book I want to purchase. As this is my second year, I would like something more of a good reference and not the...
  8. Re: Need help to get bees to go to different water source!!! ASAP

    I own both bees and a pool. The pool is a saltwater pool that the bees would visit. The family never got stung.

    Once or twice a week, i would fill a 5 gallon bucket with the pool water. I placed...
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    Re: Hi from Maine

    I am just down the road from Humble Abodes. I would say they have the best prices in the whole US. On March 23, they have their yearly open house. last year I got "blemished" mediums for just over $...
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    Re: Multiple queen swarms?

    If you listen to Don the FatBeeman podcast on, Don states that it is a regular occurance to find more than one queen in a swarm. If I rememebr correctly, he states the...
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