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    Re: Feeding Guidelines

    What do you do when you notice a 1 month package is becoming honey bound (nectar in brood nest)? No queen cells, no drawn comb to add. Hive has very little brood, none that is uncapped.
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    Re: Second year questions

    Thank you all for you responses.
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    Second year questions

    1- Should I hive a 3#package in a 5 frame deep NUC or 10 frame deep? All I have is foundation. What are the advantages and disadvantages or each.

    2- What is better for an overwintered 5 frame...
  4. Re: Coating new hive boxes with fiberglass resin

    I stained my hives and used a fiberglass resin this past year, my first. Bees did not seem to mind the fiberglass, the SHB on the other hand ran off two of the three. The resin protected the wood...
  5. Re: Honey Hive Farms, Give away!!! Win One of Three Prizes for 2014!!!

    Nice web site. Newbee here so I may not know what all that stuff is but I can learn.
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