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    Follower board

    Do any bee supply stores sell them, or how do I make them for langstroth hive? Thanks.
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    article feedback request

    This is from Bee Informed and states that feeding bees with frames of honey is not good. By mid August I'm checking hives and when I find ones without stores, generally nuks, I pull honey frame from...
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    Re: Collecting pollen

    I put the pollen door down last Friday and collected the pollen for almost 24 hrs later. I was quite pleased to find close to 1 ounce of pollen and only 2 dead bees in the drawer. I'm speaking of the...
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    Re: Best Clover for South Florida

    Mexican clover is plentiful here in SW Fl. I found a good article on it:
  5. Re: 5 gallon buckets- Home Depot or food grade?

    My son is a machinist in a plastics factory that makes containers for yogurts and such. When I talk to him this weekend I will ask him this question.

    What I do know is that when he goes to work,...
  6. Re: Why the tall stacks of supers, why not take some and process??

    I like the hive, backyarder!

    The only reason I harvest twice a year is because of the honey flavors. Spring is orange blossom, gallberry and saw palmetto (though I had barely any OB and GB...
  7. Re: preparing hive for Sundance II pollen trap

    Thanks Lloyd. I got my Sundance from Dadant and they included lots of good info about pollen processing and usages, along with good instructions. I know I'm going to be happy with my purchase and...
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    Re: balling of the queen

    I don't have an answer, I'm adding to your question because I had the same thing happen a couple weeks ago. I was inspecting a couple of my backyard hives when I saw a ball of bees in front of one of...
  9. Re: preparing hive for Sundance II pollen trap

    For best results I am going to get them orientated to the top entrance for no less than 3 weeks before adding the trap. I am not in a hurry and want to do this right. I want to add some entry to top...
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    Re: Collecting pollen

    2 days ago I added one of these too but I have not put the trap door down yet. Mine has been in the garage for a year, and I did notice a warp that will allow bees to go into the drawer. I put a...
  11. Favorite thread ever-What's yours?

    Here's mine. Not sure what got me thinking about it but I did a search last night and read it again, laughing as much as I did when it first came out. Thanks sqkcrk.
  12. Re: preparing hive for Sundance II pollen trap

    Thanks for the help everyone. I won't move the hives because the 2 hives next to these wouldn't hurt getting some drift population. I believe there is plenty of pollen coming in at this time. If it...
  13. preparing hive for Sundance II pollen trap

    I got my pollen trap this week and I have a couple questions. First time user for pollen traps.

    Can the bees can really squeeze though those #5 screens???? Looks so tiny!

    The hive I'm going...
  14. Re: Have extra queen. what to do with her?

    My sweetie made 12 of these for me. If you have a table saw they look easy to make, and sounds like you have frames already:
  15. Re: Have extra queen. what to do with her?

    Do you have an extra lid and bottom board, or extra empty nuk?
  16. Re: Have extra queen. what to do with her?

    You mean a super separate from original hive? I have started hives with "supers" if you mean a medium box. How big is the original hive now, how many boxes?

    One way I've done it is take a medium...
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    More queen questions

    I keep most of new swarms or starts in my backyard.

    In one hive, nuk swarm from 4/15/14 that I've been watching as it hasn't been very strong. It started well and I put it in a 10 frame deep a...
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    Re: Nuc for a Trap

    You are using frames with foundation? How many folks here are using foundation in bait boxes? I don't. I use one frame of brood comb at the outside frame, remainder are foundationless.

    I use all...
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    Re: A whopper of a cut-out!!!

    There goes his observation hive.
    Good one!
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    Re: A cut out question

    I often have a lot of space in the deep box and here in Fla I think it doesn't matter. I use foundationless frames, and keep bees to one side and they fill out the box eventually. I'm sure a follower...
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    Re: Lets talk Burlap

    I go through a canister of rolled oats every 2 weeks or so (started that for lowering cholesterol and it kept me off meds). Anyway, now I know what I can use them for. I can load them in advance with...
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    Re: Broken Comb

    That's why I keep rubber bands in my tool box. Bee brush for moving bees off. If it feels too heavy for rubberbands, like honey laden, then I jus remove it.
  23. Re: I sure hope this cut-out survives!

    The hive with nine lives!
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    Re: Creamed Honey

    Would something like this work? I'd like to start making my own also, including making my own starter.
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    Re: Bee cool ventilators

    Michael, what do you think of popsicle sticks under the lid for ventilation? Causing bees to work harder to cool? Hot and humid here.
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