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    Re: can we crowd sourced swarm map ?

    I think it sounds like a super idea! they track the purple martins the same way check out this link it would be really cool to have something similar for bee swarms.
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    Re: What are fiber pot traps?

    They are cheap quick and easy. You can make them yourself even cheaper by buying from a nursery supply. Most of your replies will be do not use them. Once a swarm moves in they will Start building...
  3. Re: Small amount of light in top of traps

    duct tape was the first thing that came to mind but typically I'm not a fan of duct tape reason being is when it gets warm and hot it leaves a nice nasty residue. but you know the more I think about...
  4. Re: Small amount of light in top of traps

    Putty is a good idea I never thought of that! Could you explain the polyester feed bags a little bit more.?
  5. Small amount of light in top of traps

    I made some swarm traps out of some deeps and I just put some plywood on the top for covers. but I noticed since the plywood is slightly warped a little bit of light makes it in the top how big of a...
  6. Re: My 9-year-old retrieving rather large swarm - takes hit to forehead

    I love his enthusiasm and how excited he was an amazed each time he looked in the box.
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    Re: Need some advice please . . .

    Until you know for sure I would hold off. Have you ever treated with OA?
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    Re: Swarm traps and drawen comb

    taken down before wax moths become an issue.

    I am new so.let me ask are you saying wax moths have a "season" ?
    I assumed they were around all summer
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    Re: Swarm traps and drawen comb

    Bump bump
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    Re: Tractor supply

    I was told 2 weeks ago that TSC bought Kelly bees.
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    Swarm traps and drawen comb

    I am planning on putting out swarm traps, I am clear on about everything but one.
    What I am reading states to put drawn comb in it, brood comb, and I have that.
    I am concerned that by doing that I...
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    Re: smooth foundation

    Thanks for the link as I knew someone else had to wondered about that also.
    Mr beeware nice to see you still reply to this post with a similar rude response as you did 3 years ago to...
  13. Re: Oxalic Acid Vaporization - Questions and Answers

    What about the bees in the supers? Leave them assuming you will get them the next 2 treatments?
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    smooth foundation

    Don't laugh but I had a thought other day after watching a guy make wax foundations.
    I read about foundationless vs foundation and I understand that bees draw out from the patterned cells on the...
  15. Re: Basically a newbee, but have experience from helping my grandfather.

    prairie dogged up from his video game.....
    I LOVE IT!!!! And welcome to beekeeping
  16. Re: How long do most newbies stay with beekeeping?

    I cannot believe the timing of this thread. I researched for a couple of years before getting into beekeeping last spring. I truly feel I have a good strong basic understanding of beekeeping. 10 days...
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    Re: -40 f windchill in central NY

    Unless they have one heck of a breeze blowing through the hive, windchill has no bearing. Remember windchill is how cold it feels on our skin. If it's -10 with a windchill of -40 and your outdoors...
  18. Re: 2 dead hive with pics and questions

    I want to confirm that in pic H2C, that is pollen? The fact these two hives have totally different history, and fact they died so close together is just coincidence?
    I have to admit, it makes me...
  19. Re: 2 dead hive with pics and questions

    Vance I added water to sugar don't recall the ratio. I then packed it in pans and popped it in the oven overnight. At 175.. I am wondering if I should remove what's in the 3rd hive place paper and...
  20. Re: 2 dead hive with pics and questions

    Thanks everyone for the replies so far. I thought it was larva in there. Vance thanks as I was thinking AFB with the holes vs what I have read. Is it common for the candy to puddle like that?
  21. 2 dead hive with pics and questions

    I have two dead hives and went through them today I have a few questions first let me list background info

    Hive 1. I got last sprint as a package
    Hive 2 I got Dec 15th as a CL deal and have no...
  22. Re: 2 of my 3 hives died simultaneously

    Yes the package hive I did but only got one OVA treatment done. The other one is was the CL deal I got 2nd week in Dec no. I was wondering if I could do a couple of treatments this time of...
  23. 2 of my 3 hives died simultaneously

    2 of 3 hives just died pretty much simultaneously and I have a few questions. I just found them dead today after they were alive just last week. The reason I checked today was yesterday I noticed...
  24. Thread: Totes

    by Jerry T Indiana

    Re: Totes

    I would be more concerned about the history. You have no idea if that honey has came into contact with something and is now contaminated. Unless you know for sure that the place you got it from in...
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    Re: What is the magic number?

    very interesting replies I've enjoyed reading them. I have no idea where I'll end up I'm sure nobody does when they first start out.I already know that I'm going to further than I intended to start...
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