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    Re: Mowing around the hives

    My bees like to attack the mower. I put on my bee suite to mow in front of them. Yep, the neighbors and passers-by are amused. I always mow there LAST, so I can go inside while they're calming...
  2. Re: Do anyone know what this plant or weed is

    I always thought fleabane had really thin, threadlike flower petals. Allans pix seem to have wider petals.
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    Re: Rocks in the hive?

    This may be really dumb, but could they be mummies from chalkbrood? I have had chalkbrood (or what I guess is chalkbrood) and the mummies are white or dark or both, and look like little stones on...
  4. Re: Do anyone know what this plant or weed is

    yes, you are right. not feverfew. that eliminates one white flower with yellow centers that grows by the road!
  5. Re: Do anyone know what this plant or weed is

    Could be feverfew, which grows very well in the wild.
  6. Re: Nurse bees for nuc--lack of planning on my part

    ah I hadn't thought of that. thanks. sounds like a winner.
  7. Re: Nurse bees for nuc--lack of planning on my part

    perfect, thanks. the nuc and the mothership are on opposite sides of my yard. didn't know if it would be bad for the brood on the frames to be shaken to be carried around. sounds like it shouldn't...
  8. Nurse bees for nuc--lack of planning on my part

    I made up a split last weekend and didnt shake in extra nurse bees. D'oh--the bees were feisty and I was working too fast. I plan to let them raise their own queen, and suspect they are going to...
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    Re: Fever following multiple stings

    I usually have a fever if I get multiple stings at once. I get stung all the time, and it's only when I get multiples that I get a fever. it lasts 12 hr or less. I also have relatively large local...
  10. Re: Swarm from new split with just Queen and nurse bees?

    Split to a 10 frame. There were LOTS of bees, thus the split. Basically split a large colony in two, with honey and pollen for both. BTW they had their original queen with them. Colony at...
  11. Swarm from new split with just Queen and nurse bees?

    Hope this hasnt been covered a million times. Is it at all likely that a new split that just contains brood, nurse bees, and a queen would swarm? Why would they disappear and abandon brood? Would...
  12. Re: Honey Bound to Pollen Bound Please Advise.

    not to hijack the thread, but when you say switch the supers, do you mean supers or brood boxes? I have a big colony that has filled the bottom broad box with honey and pollen and is primarily...
  13. Re: Cloudy honey - first time I've seen this

    my crush and strain is always a little cloudy. 600 micron filter. I have always assumed that it was pollen. no negative effects that I know of. doesn't crystallize, just stays slightly cloudy.
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    drone comb not needed?

    I gave one of my colonies a frame to build drone comb on so I could trap mites. they apparently had a good laugh over that and built worker comb instead. I haven't ever had bees that didn't want to...
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    Re: Accidental instantaneous combine....

    I did the same thing earlier this year--the "slits" I cut in the newspaper ended up more like holes. it all worked out fine for me. no fighting, no excess dead bees. hope yours are fine too.
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    Re: Birds and bees

    I hate to feed silly arguments, but here goes. seems to me that people offered you all kinds of solutions--put up nets, distract the bird with feeders, put up mirrors, raise more queens. I find it a...
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    Re: Birds and bees

    not to mention that cardinals are typically seed eaters. you might want to check what the bird is actually eating before you go shooting at it. a well placed bird feeder might be a better option
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    Re: foragers from newly made nucs?

    Thanks. just to be clear, lots of the capped brood I put in has already hatched, and I will put in a bit of pollen patty for insurance. just really curious whether conditions can alter the behavior...
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    foragers from newly made nucs?

    I made up a nuc last week with a bought queen and brood plus nurse bees from another hive--if there were any foragers I guess they flew back to their own hive. I added another frame of brood over...
  20. Re: finding queens / moving to bottom brood box

    my queens also seem to stay/lay in the upper box of a two-deep configuration. I assumed that's where they want to be. is there a reason I should reverse the boxes or will they just go back to the...
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    Splitting a combined hive

    I combined two small colonies this spring because one was queenless and I figured even if they tried to make a new queen, she wouldn't get mated properly due to lack of drones. now I want to split...
  22. Re: where does the queenright box go when combining hives?

    so, let's say I already put the queenright box on top :pinch: should I go back and reverse them now or will they do OK, do you suppose? the bottom board of the queenless box was screwed on...
  23. where does the queenright box go when combining hives?

    I have two hives, one of which is queenless. I am combining the queenless one with the other hive that does have a queen. should the queenright box go on top or underneath the queenless one, or...
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    Re: Wintering Singles

    good news for me too, as I was going to to this out of necessity anyway. at what point would the queen usually want more space to lay in than will be available in the single deep? I know, you say...
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    Re: Can a sting cause a low grade fever?

    I do get low grade fevers after stings--usually a little over 100 degrees, usually the day after the sting, and sometimes dont feel great generally. It goes away in 12-24 hr. Fevers are caused by...
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