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  1. Re: Triumph to tragedy -- a tale of broken comb -- when to fix?

    Wow. It's way cooler working bees in the morning when it's only 70 outside! I didn't even break a sweat :-). Bees were calmer than I expected, too, though I did use smoke. The broken comb was a mix...
  2. Re: Triumph to tragedy -- a tale of broken comb -- when to fix?

    Thank you -- I suspected the same. I'll suit up early tomorrow and fix this before it hits 90. I'm not even sure the comb can be repaired. It just sort of folded in on itself. I was going to move it...
  3. Triumph to tragedy -- a tale of broken comb -- when to fix?

    Today's inspection showed capped honey, curing nectar, all the stuff you want to see, but it was also warm...apparently, too warm. I just went to check on the hive, and one of the combs with nectar...
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    combs of capped honey!! woo hoo!!

    Went into the hive to clean up the burr comb, and found at least 4 full frames of capped honey + a couple more half full -- yay!! The hive was full of bees, and I'll next have to figure out how to...
  5. Re: Experiences with the first "flow" -- I think!

    Thank you, Bee Gora! Yes, I did feed initially -- everyone, even the natural beekeeping folks I concentrated on, recommended feeding for the first couple of weeks. So, I did, with a 1:1 solution...
  6. Experiences with the first "flow" -- I think!

    The last few evening's observation of the hive have proven interesting -- at least for a new beek! I think I'm experiencing our first "flow" -- there are more and more bees all the time, and they are...
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    Re: 1 bar observation hive

    Really cool idea! And I'm totally jelly (as my daughter would say) that you can find the queen so easily:D.
  8. Thread: TBH Entrance

    by msscha

    Re: TBH Entrance

    So, I think it's Les Crowder who found (quite by accident) that bees preferred side to end entrances, but Wyatt Mangum does just fine with end entrances! In my hive, poor carpentry skills led to...
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    Lactic Acid in Honey Bee Stomach

    Hi, All. Not sure if this is the best place to post this, but thought it might be of general interest:...
  10. Re: Morning inspection -- a lesson in "should'ves"

    Thank you, Marysia2. I've seen a couple of nice designs for SHB traps for TBHs and because I have that additional floor space below the comb, I'm pretty sure I can make a trap and set it down there....
  11. Re: Morning inspection -- a lesson in "should'ves"

    Not sure given location, either. There were lots of frames filled with nectar and the hive is smelling wonderful. I'll give them another few weeks to see what happens, then see about feeding. Our...
  12. Re: Morning inspection -- a lesson in "should'ves"

    From Backyard Beekeeping:
    "The eco-floor is described in Phil Chandler’s YouTube video linked here. His idea is that in nature, bees live in horizontal hollow logs with other insect species,...
  13. Morning inspection -- a lesson in "should'ves"

    This morning's earlier encounter with the sickly bee made me change plans to inspect today instead of tomorrow. The experience was a newbie one, and filled with "should haves". Should have put in a...
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    Re: A mixed morning with the bees

    I just got back from an hour's inspection -- all on my one hive! But I took out every bar and looked. I'll post pictures to a new thread, but I saw no mites. However, I have two clumps of crossed...
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    Re: A mixed morning with the bees

    I haven't done a mite count.
  16. Re: workers tossing dead greyish bees out of hive - sign of starvation or??

    This is exactly what I witnessed this morning!
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    A mixed morning with the bees

    We just finished adding decks to the house about 6 weeks ago, and it's finally gotten cool enough to drink a cup of coffee in the morning without needing to shower afterwards. So, that is what I did....
  18. Re: Turnkey topbar hive for selling to my "students"

    Me, too! I wish you were in Florida:).
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    Very cool slow motion video of bees

    Not new info, but really cool video. I wish I had a camera that could do this!
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    Bees in the Evening

    Most evenings I head out to the hive just to sit and watch what is going on. Today was hot, humid, and sunny; the sun is moving into its winter position which means the hive is getting more direct...
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    Re: Squashed my Queen :(

    I also use extra pieces of wood to cover the space where I've removed a bar. This definitely helps, but I'll give the damp cloth a try! My bees also like to propolize the heck out of the bars,...
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    Re: SHB: is this a true statement

    Hi, mdax. Nicely done beetle trap. Would you be willing to share the plans?
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    Re: TBH comb questions

    Fwiw, I've found the masking tap method easier to use than any other! I've done it once in a very similar situation and it worked beautifully. Bees eventually chewed the tape off, and comb stayed...
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    Re: Squashed my Queen :(

    So glad to hear someone else with this situation! I have only a single hive, so nothing to compare to except other people's experiences, but to my eyes, smoke has just not helped much. I've gone back...
  25. Re: Finally Remembered the DSLR for an Inspection

    Nice! I love inspection pics. Someday, I want to be able to find the queen:rolleyes:!
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