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    Re: Slatted Racks.......

    I've also noticed a lot less bearding than before I started using them. However I simply order Rossman's cypress slatted racks and pick them up when a bee symposium comes to town to avoid shipping...
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    Re: finally, fall flow!

    squarepeg, why are you putting an empty medium of comb under the single deep brood box?
  3. Re: Anyone own a Dadant M00505 Deluxe Solar Wax Melter

    I like it. It's a nice, easy to make design. However, my plan is to grow to about 15-20 hives and I need a somewhat larger unit. This year I pulled and subsequently sold over 700 lbs of honey at...
  4. Anyone own a Dadant M00505 Deluxe Solar Wax Melter

    I've been researching the various economy style solar wax melters available from the various bee supply stores and this Dadant deluxe model has really caught my eye. It's a few more dollars than the...
  5. Re: Recent experiences with Rossman Apiaries?

    I have bought cypress woodenware and bottling products from them and have nothing but high praises for them. I have never had a bad experience with them and the products that I don't drive down to...
  6. Re: Would Bee Source be open to a forum for states?

    Well said Daniel. However, if I might add if it is not too much to ask, may I put my 2-cents in for a Deep South forum as well since our overall climate down here is somewhat different than that of...
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    Re: finally, fall flow!

    It took another week, but the GR is finally blooming down here near Montgomery as well. Now I don't want to jinx anything, but it sure looks like with all the GR and asters popping up around here...
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    Re: finally, fall flow!

    Down here near Montgomery the goldenrod is just getting ready to bust out. All we need is a good rain to get them blooming. As far as production goes, the honey flow has been pretty good for us this...
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    Re: Goldenrod in West Georgia

    Here near Montgomery AL, the tall variety is still green. We usually pull any extra honey from the hives just before it blooms in September and let the ladies have all they can pull from the GR and...
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    Re: The best beehive Cover

    I use a ventilated top on all my hives like Michael Bush references and it works great. It acts as a feeder, ventilator and observation deck just in case I want to take a quick glance at the ladies...
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    Re: Hello from Northern California!

    Welcome! You've come to the right place if you're looking for insights on taking care of bees. I used to live in Santa Rosa around Mayette Village back in the 60's. I bet it's change a bit.
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    Re: vented bee suit

    Last year I got stung on a hot day 75 times because my suit was soaking with sweat and the bees continued to nail me on my back. That day I ordered my Ultra Breeze and since then I haven't been stung...
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    Re: Want to work bare handed?

    Great idea! I'll definitely have to try that. :thumbsup:
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    Re: vented bee suit

    I love my Ultra Breeze. It's a little expensive at $265, but well worth it if you are looking for a top-of-the-line quality bee suit.
  15. Re: Lowes paid me to paint my new nuc's!

    If you're ever in a Sherman Williams paint store, you may want to ask them about any miss tinted paint. They sell theirs for $3 a gallon. However, they usually don't offer a rebate, so it sounds like...
  16. Re: Extracting--- using heat gun to uncap??!!

    Wayne, I found the thread. Thanks for pointing me in the correct direction. Good stuff!
  17. Re: Using a blow dryer to uncap frames - pros and cons

    Thanks Wayne. I'll search on "heat gun". I tried searching on a variety of combinations, but heat gun was not one of them.
  18. Using a blow dryer to uncap frames - pros and cons

    Some of you have seen the videos where folks use a heated blow dryer of some sort to melt the wax on capped honey. Personally, I'm fond of the "Easy Peasy" video, mostly because the commentator used...
  19. Re: Screened Bottoms Boards...from a first timer

    In addition to the IPM benefits of a SBB noted in a variety of articles, I switched to a "sealed" SBB to keep my bottom board relatively clean and free of critters as a solid bottom can build up some...
  20. Re: Who just ordered a MAXANT 3100 powered extractor?? This guy, thats who!!

    No complaints so far and if you can afford the motor (3100P) I would definitely suggest getting it. You can be slinging frames while you're decapping the next batch. I love mine!
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    Re: queen excluder or not?

    I don't use excluders, but from everything I read here it's pretty much a personal decision. Me, I don't mind the queen roaming around. If she lays in a honey super, I just swap that frame with one...
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    Re: H. Tomas Krantz Beekeeping Supply

    I ordered one of the Maxant extractors last June from them, which ships from the Maxant factory, and it came in about 2 weeks (as expected). However, I could be wrong, but shortly after that I read...
  23. Re: What are acceptable gaps between new supers?

    Ed, last year (my first) I bought cypress boxes from the same vendor, put the boxes together with Titebond III glue and nails as suggested, loaded them with new foundation and they worked fine. Any...
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    Re: Rethinking Queen excluders

    Aucoop94, where on the hive do you put your Imrie shims? I've made 4 and was thinking about putting them on as I've heards good things about them.
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    Re: Hardest part of the first year?

    The best part of this forum IS the variety of approaches folks use to deal with different situations that come up throughout the year. For me, I like multiple opinions. That way I can evaluate them...
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