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  1. Re: 2 swarm calls end in a whole lot of nothin

    Try putting out some swarm traps, Ive trapped 26 swarms from the 30 I put out 4 weeks ago.
    LGO !
    Good Luck:applause:
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    Re: Carrying a few queens on airplane

    Please dont take offense.
    I think what he/she meant to say was 99.8% of TSA agents are Morons. Not all of them.
    BTW, The TSA agents will not allow live insects without the proper Agricultural...
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    Re: Wax Moth Crashing Hive

    When taking the weak hive away for the shake and return, Whats condidered a "good Bit" ? 1 mile ? or 100 yards ?
    Thanks !
  4. Re: Has anyone ever had a confontation with another beekeeper, especially sideline/co

    That's a Great story. LOL
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