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    Re: Fantastic Early TBH Inspection

    Glad you're enjoying the hobby. Not to rain on your parade, but I had the same thing last year and I almost lost the hive due to swarming. I was able to save it after re queening. I have my second...
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    Re: Random idea for your top bar roof

    I had an asphalt shingle roof on my first TBH last year as well. When the July heat came I had a couple of combs collapse. After that I covered the whole thing in aluminum foil. It worked to keep...
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    Re: Hive appears queen less

    The same thing happened to me. I tried to stop the swarm by opening the brood nest and performing a split, but they still swarmed. The colony had brood and queen cells but failed to produce a new...
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    Re: hives facing each other?

    I have my two hives facing each other about 8 feet apart. I've only had the second hive for a few weeks, but so far no issues. Be sure to avoid walking between them during peak fly time. You will get...
  5. Thread: Follower board

    by Barrett

    Re: Follower board

    It seems to me that the bees make their own stop at the point where they can no longer cover the comb. That said when I start my new package this weekend I'll use a follower with a feeder built in. I...
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    Re: Any disadvantages to an observation window?

    I like the observation window. You can glean a lot of information about how the colony is doing without disturbing the nest. I'd agree with robherc on the placement. The more you can see of the...
  7. Re: iphone apidictor for acoustal beehive swarm detection

    I split my colony the other day so I don't know if I'll be able to detect any swarm noise, but I did run out and get a better microphone today. Unfortunately I have to go out of town for the next few...
  8. Re: iphone apidictor for acoustal beehive swarm detection

    I think I get it. After some controlled whistling into my phone I was able to see that once a specific note is hit the app clearly shows what frequency it is hearing. That said I need to do as...
  9. Re: iphone apidictor for acoustal beehive swarm detection

    I am curious how you set the n-track app to 250hz. I have it installed, but it doesn't give feedback as to where the filter is set?
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    Re: Are these swarm cells?

    Thanks for the info guys! I didn't see larvae in them so I'll just keep an eye on them for now.
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    Re: Are these swarm cells?

    Indeed other are some drones in there. I haven't noticed any flying around but I did see a bunch during the inspection. I suspect if the weather had been nicer they may have been out. 60 Fahrenheit...
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    Are these swarm cells?

    I did my first inspection of 2012 in my TBH this afternoon. The colony is from a package purchased last year and hived march 30th. All was well except some hive beetles. I even spotted the queen for...
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