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    Re: Split without moving 2 miles.

    I would still go with the stuffed grass in the entrance. not stuffed till it is impossible to get out just make their entrance seem new to them. no need to put them up for a day either. IMHO
  2. Re: Puzzling hive, possibly queenless? What can I try that I haven't already?

    I didn't want to try another frame of brood as it was still a little early here for top brood production and I didn't want to set my other hives back any.[/QUOTE]

    Ahhhh now you are thinking...
  3. Re: Puzzling hive, possibly queenless? What can I try that I haven't already?

    there are lots of things that could have happened to the queen she may have flown while you were moving them, she may have been injured, the list could go on and on the things that seem to bee...
  4. Re: Cedar kills clothes moths so can it work for wax moths?

    were they the Western Red (aromatic) cedar?
  5. Cedar kills clothes moths so can it work for wax moths?

    Had a bad dream the other day that my hives all had wax moths in them, rushed into my shop to find it was NOT a dream and now with the possibility the moth has ruined all the drawn comb in my...
  6. Re: Will the bees clean out this frass and web from the comb?

    If the holes are in the bottom of the cells I would trash it they can't repair the damage and therefore can't use the cells. I get real brutal when it comes to the moth damage. use the plastic...
  7. Re: What to do with half capped super frames

    if you choose to leave it on the the top of the hive make sure you remove the queen excluder :)
  8. Re: I've never had a "swarm" like this before

    must bee a cali thing
  9. Re: Dry Sugar method, how is it working for those using it?

    does fondant really work? never tried it but i do know that bees wont move a half an inch for food if it is too cold i have had luck with a couple of quart jars of 1-1 sugar syrup or even 2-1 placed...
  10. Re: A New Type of Hive: We need your input

    dont know what the "nigerian scams" were but i did smell something back aways tried not to step in it but am not afraid to offend most people guess that is why i get along so well with my bees...
  11. Re: Winter Hive Checks - how do you know if there's a problem?

    first it is good that you are that worried about them that shows us something about you. Next i must say that you should never open a hive in the winter if the temp is under 55 F. But, (and there...
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    Re: Question about old honey

    First the honey with the mouse:
    Is it crystalized? If so, cut the mouse out and plan on feeding it to the bees. The honey should be good to eat because at 18% moisture it is to thick to support...
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    Re: A few getting started questions

    and the best part is that ten of them would be right :lpf:
  14. Re: A New Type of Hive: We need your input

    it almost sounds like the (expert) has come up with what works for him and he wants to see if anybody would be interested in purchasing it so he went to the school to have them market it.what are...
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    Re: pdb or mothball crystals

    most of my hives produced fine the ones that had these supers on had no activity in the supers at all and some of them may have swarmed i seem to bee having a year from he double hockey sticks with...
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    pdb or mothball crystals

    :scratch:i bought some med supers last year that the guy said he had put mothballs in to keep them fresh and not doing any research on i let them air out a couple of days then put them on my hives. ...
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    "In summery, wax making is a function of the survival format. Field nectar availability is almost irrelevant. In my area, nectar sources are out there continuously from late Feb through early June....
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    There seems to be some difference of topics here
    the main thing you need to do for your bees is to learn their behavior they will swarm for only two reasons they are either too congested (prior to...
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    they kicked her out ?

    were there any queen cell in the hive? did you just install these bees? lots of questions. if you have had these bees for a long time (five years or more) they probably superseded her wait for a...
  20. install packages

    if you spray them with sugar water instead of painting them with a brush they can bee kept for a week keep then cool and dark!!
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    honey for feed

    found a bucket of honey that does not taste right like it has started to ferment (probably, as the lid was not tightly sealed) i would like to use it as feed for some late swarms but don't want to...
  22. queen no brood

    bad jeans? i meant genes
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    swarms in compost

    3 years in a row I've caught a swarm of bees i a persons compost bin. They got in in a hole that the lock hooked into. This year I placed a swarm trat there on top of it and caught another swarm!!!
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    heres to hoping that you get your just reward
    if you can figure out a way to pollinate those pesky almond trees your self great if not try to bee patient until the pollinators are gone if the bees...
  25. fees

    I think your charges are a mite low myself. i dont think i would stammer or blink an eye and charge him an extra fin for the beer!!! if you think $500 for swarm removal is bad there are...
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