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    Re: Massive carpenter ant problem.

    Amdro worked for me. Placed under each hive and haven't had an ant problem since.
  2. Re: Running Double Nucs Boxes? How's your 'fit'?

    Went with cleats for handholds on the double nucs. When all the boxes are in a stack, now I know at a glance which ones are the doubles.
  3. Re: Need a value on my stolen hives in Gypsum

    Don't forget the 40# of honey that was still in the hive. Just saying...
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    Re: Can Wood Be Too Dry For Building Gear?

    If all the wood has the same moisture content I have not had a problem. I accomplish this by bringing wood into my shop and allowing it to sit for a couple days before working. The wood will reach...
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    Re: Dripping bucket feeders.

    I have some buckets that leak when they experience large temp changes. When that first happened I brought the buckets back into my shop where the temp was more constant. They have been upside down...
  6. Re: Mann Lake Vented Jacket - zipper & customer service

    Just got my mann lake vented jacket. My first impressions were that the zippers seemed heavy duty, and they run big. Good room through the shoulders. I'm 6' and 242# and needed just a XL. Agree...
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    New beek in drought

    Installed 2 packages on April 30th, northern Illinois. 2 Deep hive bodies were drawn out and added a med super about 3rd week of June to strongest hive. Since then our drought has been tough. ...
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