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  1. Beekeeper has nuc and finds this cluster of bees

    This is a video of a beekeeper with a nuc and after finding small cluster of bees - he's trying to figure what is going on:
  2. Re: 10 year old honey with slight fermented smell

    honey should be fine! honey itself has antibacterial and antifungal properties.
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    FDA rules on honey - April 8, 2014
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    Re: Really raw honey aggravation

    What really raw honey actually do is to sell creamed honey and then they actually add wax cappings to the top and then claim they are beneficial for health? I could go on about this but the news of...
  5. heads up on guy scamming beekeepers for honey

    Interesting thing is this guy has called us last year and this year - pretty aggressive type guy who always want so pick up lots of 5 gallons of honey and comb honey etc. We've never sold to him...
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    2nd bumble die off in Orgeon

    Portland Hit With Mass Bumblebee Deaths

    In case you have missed the headlines, on June 22, Wilsonville, Oregon experienced a mass die-off of bumblebees. Nearly 50,000 bumblebees died at a local...
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    Re: UPS/Pidgeon Mountain dead bees

    can we say union - great workers in Louisville. If they were held responsible things would change! Why have any pride in your work since it doesn't matter what you do - throw packages, kill bees,...
  8. Re: County Bee Inspector - A Waste Of Taxpayer Dollars

    Our bee inspector we have is good - we like to keep up with folks near us who simply set up hives and let bees "live" - we like to know who might be using antibiotics as our bees are flying around...
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    What Happened to "Wanting To Buy" Thread

    Why was it removed from beesource??
  10. Anyone else see article about NY man fined $2000 for not watering his bees!

    OK - our gment is out of control - read this article!
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    Re: Dealings with Long Creek Apiary

    All I can say running a small honey business is you never cash someones check if you can't send them what they ordered. Am I missing a basic business concept. You are then liable to deliver once...
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    Re: 2 OZ Bears as marketing tool?

    I've seen some 2 oz bears and they are made of hard plastic - the only way to get honey out is to use a small small spoon or something? Not practical from a dispensing point of view unless you folks...
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    Re: liquefying honey - anyone use this?

    Only thing I would use for a drum heater I got from Simpson Bee Supply in Danville OH -

    Drum Blanket, Electric, Insulated 400 watt, does not scorch Honey 90° F. $450.00

    You can hook 4-5...
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    Re: Moving hives about 30 to 40 feet?

    Hands down #2 - move them minimum 3 miles from old hive location and we wait way more than 4 days.
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    Re: Really bad smelling honey

    I'm guessing the honey is dark - most likely bamboo honey or even buckwheat honey which is pitch black.

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    If you want to have fun - place some cracked corn...

    If you want to have fun - place some cracked corn on the ground. It's almost like watching a swarm in action. The bees go crazy over it in early Spring when nothing is in bloom. Use sunflower...
  17. We gets dozens of emails and phone calls each and...

    We gets dozens of emails and phone calls each and every day from folks all over the country that are all over the board in regards to beekeeping and lots of fun to speak with about bees. Majority of...
  18. Sometimes you can only take so much

    This lady came across so aggressively in her email about our website that you are darn right it ticked me off - here's our main page for folks looking for beekeepers around the U.S. ...
  19. Her reply to my email

    Here's the reply email after I pretty much let her have it - are people becoming this ignorant? I asked her if she got an email from Nigeria asking her for money from a relative would she send it?
  20. You gotta read this email we got today about bees

    OK - we got this email today from a person who is assuming that capturing swarms is eradicating the bees. I'm assuming since we post info on our webpage about beekeepers around the U.S. who remove...
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    We carry a great variety of tubes and cap colors:...

    We carry a great variety of tubes and cap colors:

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    Honey bees in wall in Augusta GA

    Just got this email - anyone want?

    My Dad has Honey Bees nesting in a wall of his house in Augusta. We want to save the bees but aren’t having much success. Can you help?
    Jim Goldman, P.E....
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    We run our honey business via the internet and...

    We run our honey business via the internet and prefer emails versus folks calling as a simple phone call can take 30 mins when questions start flying. We are typically not sealing with beeks but...
  24. You're all welcome - actually we get emails now...

    You're all welcome - actually we get emails now and then - folks begging us to remove the swarm. They must be stressing since they don't give us their location, etc. I think I've saved close to 20...
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    No joke and these are not our swarms - we already...

    No joke and these are not our swarms - we already split ours! None of our hives have swarmed this year.
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