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  1. Re: What species did Apis Mellifera displace in North America?

    Just certain species. Indians are native.
  2. Thread: Spider ID?

    by jdmidwest

    Re: Spider ID?

    Find a pig and ask it about Charlotte. Looks like a garden spider to me.
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    Re: New to forum from SE MO

    Welcome. You are in good hands in the area. Look around for Corey Stevens or Steve Cooper.
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    Re: Cedar Chips in a Storage Unit

    I killed a tarantula I caught one time by keeping it in cedar shavings. I picked it up on the side of the road and put in an aquarium, fed it crickets. The thing started smelling, so I bedded the...
  5. Re: When will I ever learn? CAUTION! not for the faint of heart. Nailer accident.

    Its funny how the nails on the 18 gauge nailers get a mind of their own sometimes. I have seen them make complete U turns when nailing frames. I always try to keep everything away for where the...
  6. Thread: Inbreeding?

    by jdmidwest

    Re: Inbreeding?

    Back to the original post.

    So what would happen if they were in the wild? Inbreed to extinction or evolve?

    They surely don't wait for the mailman to bring them some fresh genetics. Even...
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    Re: Please Stop...

    So, did you lose a hive to bad advice from the internet? Just wondering what prompted this.
  8. Re: Would honey support a diabetic in a Post Apocalyptic Event?

    If the world was still intact and society was just gone, maybe the bees will survive. But a nuclear winter, or anything else that takes out the plants will doom the bees too.
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    Re: Hello from North Arkansas

    Hello from just North. What makes you think it is small or struggling? You still have a few weeks to get some syrup into them for stores. Feel free to ask questions on here.
  10. Re: Would honey support a diabetic in a Post Apocalyptic Event?

    Would bees survive in a post apocalyptic world? Seems like most would perish from lack of treatments for Nosema, Varroa Mites, and small hive beetles. Most seem to think they are fickle little...
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    Re: is it ok not to paint hives?

    Wood breathes and moisture control is better. Dry bees are happy bees. They seek out hollow trees for hives in the wild, so wood is just natural.

    You can dip the boxes in a paraffin/rosin mix. ...
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    Re: Man, Honey is Great!

    That's funny, honey seems to irritate my throat when I take it raw. And one never really knows where that honey came from exactly because the bees roam around so much.

    I keep bees for the fun...
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    Re: Useless tools or beginners luck?

    I use muck boots and tuck my jeans in them to keep bees out of them. I have never, knock on wood, bee stung down low or had one come up from down under.

    Muck boots are great to clean up when you...
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    Re: Combining Hives Sets Off WWIII

    Just because you don't find the queen does not make a queenless hive. Brood, eggs, larva are all hard to miss but are sure signs of a queen. This time of year, new brood rearing is stopping or...
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    Re: When do they kick the drones out?

    Mine did it back in August when the Dearth hit. Dry weather dried every food source up and out went the freeloaders. I was watching the hives the afternoon it happened. Drones kept flying back...
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    Re: Useless tools or beginners luck?

    A stinger in the earhole while changing out a feeder on the inner cover broke me of going in without protective gear. Jacket, veil, and gloves at all times. You never know when they will take...
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    Re: Fall flow not happening in Midwest?

    Its been going here in MO for about 3 weeks now. There had been about a month long dearth before that where they were almost shut down. But now drawing fresh comb and the hives stink like...
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    Poll: Re: City bees vs. Country bees

    I have hives in a suburban area at the house and some in a remote location at the farm. The farm bees have trees and pasture to forage on. The home bees have the same with some bean fields,...
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    Re: Removing a baby skunk

    A good sharp rap to the head with a stout stick would work on a baby.
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    Re: Human Consumption of Swarm Honey

    Honey is honey no matter where you get it. Your bees in you nice little clean hives may be bringing water back to the hive from a manure pile and you would never know it. I have seen them working...
  21. Re: Have skunks- can't use imidacloprid a neonicotinoid

    Nice can.
  22. Re: Have skunks- can't use imidacloprid a neonicotinoid

    I shot one in the field behind the house one afternoon in the head. It dropped down on its nose and did a circle dance with his tail in the air before he expired. He sprayed his whole load that...
  23. Re: Have skunks- can't use imidacloprid a neonicotinoid

    Find one of the traps made out of a pvc tube that are designed for skunks or make one your self. They are made to be totally enclosed and prevent the skunk from spraying when you take them to the...
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    Re: propolis solvent?

    I always get it off my hands and tools with rubbing alcohol. Hand sanitizer works in a pinch too.

    Toulene is a little bad to be working around in a closed area and breathing vapors. I would...
  25. Re: Have skunks- can't use imidacloprid a neonicotinoid

    Traps work wonders for skunks. The crack of a .22 bullet just kills them...

    It is not just the grubs they go for, they like worms and other critters. They love young bunnies and eggs too. If...
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