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    Re: Keeping Combe straight tricks

    How do you seperate the bees from the comb after it collapsed and everything is covered in honey? - Mike
  2. Re: Wax foundations = wax coated paint stirrer?

    I like the flipping part.
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    Re: no honey stores

    Although everyone is giving good advice, please remember that advice is valid only within the flight range of THEIR hives.
    For example, if the nectar flow goes from April until September (as in the...
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    Re: Squashed my Queen :(

    I use the same concept, different tool. I use a "bee-down bar" which is an 1/8" thick x 3/4" wide x 20" or more piece of aluminum stock. place the bee-down bar next to a bar and push the next bar in...
  5. Re: Wax foundations = wax coated paint stirrer?

    Thanks for the replies; I have been using 1/4 round (set in a groove) pointy edge up so that it forms a 1/2" pyramid, but that doesn't always work. I'm having to work very hard to keep them making...
  6. Wax foundations = wax coated paint stirrer?

    WAM advocates using an inch wide strip of 1/8" wax foundation set in a groove as a guide for the girls to build straight comb.
    Does anyone know if one could get the same results using a wax coated...
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    Re: I have a problem

    Problem is, when you pop the lid, all the bees wandering in the area are attracted to the honey so I am not getting anywhere!
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    I have a problem

    I'm running a TBH and harvested several bars of honey by cutting the comb into a stock part. Of course, a lot of bees got caught in the pot,because I've never been successful getting all the bees...
  9. I've managed to get beeswax over multiple kitchen utensils

    Hot water doesn't always remove it and I'm concerned about wax down the drain. Do you have a trick for removing beeswax? Mike
  10. So after storing frames of honey, they died... mid December. I'm thinking I'll leave the honey in place and they can use it when the new box of bees arrive. But the bees won't arrive until late this month. Meanwhile the flow has started so...
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    Veggie/mineral oil and SHB

    Anyone know the action of the oil on the SHB? is it clogging up breathing pores and drowning them? is it simply immobilizing them? - Mike
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    Installing a package

    This will be year three of installing packages in my TBH. I had an idea the other day and don't see any reason why it wouldn't work. Your thoughts please:

    Do your thing with the queen (I suspend...
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    Re: What about the honey I left in the hive?

    Take out?
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    What about the honey I left in the hive?

    My hive died in December, leaving me with five or more bars of honey. I figured the new package would need something to eat. However, when the package is installed, they will be concentrating on...
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    Re: feeding bees in a topbar hive

    If I might add something I'm trying this year; elevate the feeding bucket such that a small lid/dish filled with veggie oil can be slipped under it. in the center of this dish, place an inverted soft...
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    Honey cell LENGTH

    will honey cell LENGTH vary?
    reason I"m asking is I"m preparing my dead TBH for another try. the old brood cells lined up along the center line quite well, but the honey combs "bulged" or went off...
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    Pollen on the ground.

    Wonder if I could get your opinion on something.
    running a TBH with a screened bottom board.
    I'm noticing pollen on the ground.
    Was worried that my robber screen might have been knocking pollen...
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    Re: diy oxalic acid vaporizer

    A picture or drawing would REALLY help. Mike
    Never mind. I see the picture.

    How much does 2t of OA weigh?
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    Re: Checking brood area in TBH

    OP did say 100*F. In my limited experience that means the comb is very soft, possibly very heavy, and probably attached to the sides. Addionally, the comb may have drooped until it melds into the...
  20. replacing detatched comb and the FatBeeMan

    I was looking at the FatBeeMan's SHB traps he makes using plastic signage that has a cross section of a cardboard box e.g. cells.
    First, a 1" square piece looks like it could be used to spread the...
  21. FatBeeMan's SHB traps under screened bottom board?

    Is there any reason the think FatBeeMan's SHB traps would not work taped to the underside of a screened bottom board? Eight squares to the inch - Mike
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    Fermentation and wax moth larva?

    I believe my TBH is strong. I harvested about three weeks ago, and am feed them 1:1 just as fast as they will take it. I don't get a strong smell of fermentation, but if the syrup does ferment, is...
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    Drawing comb and feeding

    Will bees draw new comb when being fed 2:1 syrup? - Mike
  24. Re: Oxalic solution: Are vapors heavier than air?

    That's what I was looking for. Now, what method do you to vaporize the OA? Mike B. provided good links; just looking for other approaches -mike
  25. Re: Oxalic solution: Are vapors heavier than air?

    Thanks Mike - have you seen a reasonable method for applying OA vapor to a TBH? - Mike
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