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  1. Re: "...honey vs. sucrose or high fructose corn syrup"

    The times we live in..just because statements are labeled " scientific evidence" mean they are facts or just someones inflated opinion. Money in the form of funding or even political pressure ...
  2. Re: "...honey vs. sucrose or high fructose corn syrup"

    How about someone with a small garden telling a commercial vegetable farmer how he should be raising his vegetables. about a person with a few hives telling commercial or sideliners or...
  3. Re: Setting up foundation-less frames questions - Wedge Style Frames

    I started this past spring with four nucs that are now in double deeps. I went mostly foundation less. If I had to start over I would have used a few more frames of foundation maybe all foundation. ...
  4. Re: Cleaning now Blackened Beeswax splotches from the driveway

    Try bleach with some dawn dish washing liquid . Let it sit on stains for about 10 min then wash off.
  5. 1 deep with medium vs double deep brood boxes

    Here in SC and down south the predominant hive set up is 1 deep then 1 medium for brood then honey supers. It seems more north you go double deeps is more the norm. Why? With our limited nectar...
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    Re: feeding bees

    Blake....I started this year with 4 nucs. 2 in early March and 2 in early May. I have been feeding 1:1 syrup since I picked them up except for 3 weeks of gallberry flow. The nucs were light this year...
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    Re: Drying plastic coated gloves

    Try doing an inspection without the gloves. I have done 2 complete inspections without the gloves. I like it a lot better. Better grip and feel. I don't have any hot hives and the gloves are close ...
  8. Re: Recycling Wax and Honey Back into Hive?

    When I scrape burr comb that has honey in it I spread it out in a pan and let the bees clean it up.
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    Re: Forest Fire Silver Lining?

    Fire is not all bad. When we control burn our pine woods it wakes up the forest floor. Months afterwards everything is green and alive. Our flow from gallberry is always stronger the next year...
  10. Re: SHB - Not so much this year ? So far.....

    I was averaging 25 per week dead on tray under scree
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    Sticky: Re: Post your bloom dates 2014!

    29472 Ridgeville SC gallberry 5 16
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    Re: Top hive feeder

    Fill it with water and check for leaks before you put it on the hive. I bought 2 and one leaked.a gallon of syrup through the hive. A real mess.
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    Re: Cheap top feeder

    How about a piece of 3/4 pvc through lid sticking up and through a screened inner cover. That way you can fill them up without bees getting out. Just lift off telescoping cover insert funnel into pvc...
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    Re: Birds and bees

    As mentioned already cardinals are large seed eaters. Maybe try putting a bird feeder with sunflower seeds, shelled corn, wheat or oats away from your hives and take the attention from them.
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    Ant barrier

    My hives sit on two 4x4x8's that rest upon concrete blocks. I do not want to have ant problems. So I cut me some scrap boards of the same thickness 3 in longer and wider than the concrete blocks. I...
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    Re: Honey tastes "smokey"

    Sounds like you can market it as gourmet. More money!
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    Re: New beekeeper looking for comments...

    The expensive part is the things we bought that we thought we needed and will never use. I don't mind the things I need or use but I can't stand wasted money. Maybe we all open a thrift store of...
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    Re: To every thing there is a season

    So with that, can we also say that if time is of the essence we need to know essence.
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    Re: Hive Beetles the First Week!

    I installed 2 nucs on April 6. The only honey bees kept for miles around me. I live back in the woods only 2 neighbors for a couple of miles. Luckily I set my hives on screened bottom boards with...
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    Re: Think I have mites in my hive.

    Put your hive on a screened bottom board (ipm). They fall through screen and get in oil trap or sticky board and perish. Works on shb also.
  21. Re: Changing from 9-frame deep body on 5.4mm foundation to 8-frame medium foundationl

    Suggestion. ...why don't you keep them the way they are the first year. Then when you get comfortable and more experience then do a gradual change. Your bees probably won't respond well to that...
  22. Re: nuc brood hatched, no new eggs or larvae, Help!

    On my nucs the queen was caged even though she had been laying and fully accepted. This was to ensure the queen got into hive. Check your nuc boxes. Caged in between 2 pieces of screen on...
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    Re: EFB and High Bush Blueberries

    The study stated that Ebb occurred before moving to blueberries in March. I read that honeybees do better with a variety of different pollen with protein percentage of at least 20 percent. I...
  24. Re: Consequences of climate change on plants, pollination, and bees

    Nature will find a balance.
  25. Re: Your favorite DEEP foundation- lets hear

    No foundation in brood boxes. Just a starter strip and let them build it the way they want to. My first nuc I put into 10 frame deep came with 5 brood frames on foundation. I put 3 frames with...
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