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  1. Re: Swapped out Brood frame but then found eggs

    Yes learned a lot, now we know what eggs look like, what our queen's laying pattern is. In the few small area they had partially drawn out she was laying a good pattern. Interesting that she was...
  2. Re: Beginner Questions - Alternatives To Sugar Water

    Couple of things from a new beek, but I would separate out what is good for you as a human from what is good for a bee. Bees have different nutrition needs and a different digestive system from you....
  3. Swapped out Brood frame but then found eggs

    So for what ever reason my bees are not drawing rite cell frames right. They are building lots of comb coming out perpendicular to the foundation. So we decided to swap out the undrawn ritecel...
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    Re: Front Range Snow & extended Swarm Advisory

    Just checked on our NUC we installed in April, we started with four frames, they have only drawn two more frames. We have been feeding them since we installed the NUC. So we swapped the two outer...
  5. Thread: top feeders?

    by JeffM17

    Re: top feeders?

    What if you put the inner cover on then the top feeder? The bees could still get to the feeder via the oval hole but they might comb it up less.
  6. Thread: Top feeder

    by JeffM17

    Re: Top feeder

    With the Mann lake feeder has any one filled in some of the crevices underneath with foam? Obviously you want to keep the middle channel open but perhaps the edges and ends? Would that help with...
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    Would robbers stay in a hive overnight?

    So we suspected our hive was being robbed, we saw lots of bees frantically poking at small cracks in the hive trying to get into the top area where my feeder jar is located. We also saw a bunch of...
  8. Re: Need clues to find bees in poured concrete building

    An IR camera might find a hive/nest if present, however deepening on the thickness of the concrete it might not be able to detect the heat difference...
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    Re: Front Range Snow & extended Swarm Advisory

    We got a good amount of rain and it may have flooded the hive. I found the entrance reducer pushed into the hive and a number of dead bees :( I do have the hive tilted forward about 1/4 bubble...
  10. Thread: Dadant Nuc

    by JeffM17

    Re: Dadant Nuc

    not sure about Dedant's but we were in the same position want to go mediums but nuc is on deep frames. After mulling over the various options we decided on using one deep box for the brood nest and...
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    Notch Inner Cover?

    My inner cover doesn't have a notch, it does have an oval hole in the middle.
    Right now we are using a jar feeder on top of the inner cover with an empty frame then the telescoping cover.

  12. Re: Anyone build an upper enterance into a quilt box?

    WBVC do you happen to have any photos of your quilt boxes?
  13. Re: Anyone build an upper enterance into a quilt box?

    Thanks for the answer, that's a good explanation of things.
  14. Anyone build an upper enterance into a quilt box?

    Has anyone built an upper entrance into a quilt box? I was thinking of recessing the screening on a quilt box by 3/8" and cutting out an upper entrance.
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    Transfering a NUC weather question

    I am picking up a nuc this weekend, however we just had a blast of snow come through. This weekend the highs are supposed to be in the high 40s. Would you transfer the nuc or wait until mid week...
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    Re: Using deep frames in 2 medium boxes?

    When doing this, how do you transition off of the deep frames or are you stuck forever with 5 deep frames in your double mediums?
  17. Thread: Top entrance

    by JeffM17

    Re: Top entrance

    TreeWinder, have you ever had the bees build comb in the 3" section?

    What if you just build a 3/8" high frame and used it beneath a super then with your inner cover and telescoping lid? Would the...
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    Re: Need to make mediums into deeps

    You want to join two boards together to make one wider board. You will need either a biscuit cutter, or doweling jig along with wood glue.

    With a biscuit cutter, you cut small groves into the...
  19. Re: 8 frame Mann Lake mediums- what do you do about the extra space?

    I have the same questions for my new 8 frame Mann Lake boxes. I can easily fit without shaving a 9th frame, however I worry about what happens once the bees start to draw out the frames, will there...
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    Re: Is theft a large problem?

    Man how long does it take to brand an entire hive and how do you get them to stay still for the branding? :p
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    Re: catching swarms

    Well on one hand they take the time to catch the swarm, build or buy a nuc or package box, if they do not need the bees then sell them. Its probably better for the swarm to be in some keeprs hive...
  22. Re: Urban backyard bee keeping 1/4 arce lot canit be done?

    Do you then sell off / give away the nuc once it gets established? Or perhaps you find other people / places that will allow you to place a hive.

    A midnight clandestine hive setup in your...
  23. Urban backyard bee keeping 1/4 arce lot canit be done?

    Just wondering, DW would like to put a hive in the back yard sometime next spring. We are in an urban settings with a 1/4 acre lot, wondering if this can really be done. Legally we are allowed one...
  24. Thread: Which Veil

    by JeffM17

    Which Veil

    Hello my wife and I are just starting out, wont have a hive for a while, but want to get a veil for when we go visit other bee keeper hives to learn. There seems to be a few choices from various...
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