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    Re: Considering switching to Oxalic Acid

    A "respirator" may not be adequate. Oxalic acid is a problem for mucous membranes: eyes, nose, mouth, lungs. You should be using a full face mask with a cartridge rated for organic vapors. This...
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    Re: How much to harvest?

    I'm in Salt Lake, but not running a top bar hive. I would suggest you ask your question on two Facebook groups: Wasatch Beekeeping Association and The Art of Beekeeping in Utah. Either group will...
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    Re: Savogran - Oxalic Acid - on Sale

    How about 2 pounds for $10.50 with free shipping? :thumbsup:

    (I just feel...
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    Re: Savogran - Oxalic Acid - on Sale

    It is just as inexpensive on Amazon.
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    Re: Savogran - Oxalic Acid - on Sale

    It's not available in Utah. When I called all the stores, I was told they didn't carry it. One store even told me "it had been discontinued". When I told the gal about the listing on their website...
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    Re: Bee Shield

    As my mother always told me, "if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is".
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    Re: Fire adjacent to bees

    I actually thought it could be my smoker, but my smoker wasn't there and hadn't been there. It's been hosed down extra- thoroughly. Unfortunately, that part of my property is adjacent to the one...
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    Fire adjacent to bees

    Yesterday afternoon, while my family was away, there was a fire adjacent to my bees. The bees do not seem to be adversely affected and the hives did not burn. My neighbor noticed it and put it out...
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    Re: Hive issue

    Bears (even CAL Bears) scare bees! Go Bears! (CAL 1978-1982)
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    Re: NEED ADVICE! Bad reaction to sting!

    You're lucky you were able to drive yourself to the ER. I too have an UltraBreeze full suit and have not been stung through it. Having an epi pen is a start but no guarantee of relief. You need to...
  11. Re: Got a sting - BAD reaction - advice needed!

    As a practicing physician, not an allergist, allergies come from repeated exposure and an exaggerated immune response. People usually are not programmed to have severe reactions from the first...
  12. Thread: Oops!

    by mitchgobears


    As a first year beekeeper i just discovered a drawback to the "flat" hive tool. If you are clumsy enough, as I was, and drop it it will go all the way to the bottom of your hive. Boy did that make...
  13. Re: How to repel or eradicate nuisance Honeybees?

    I was annoyed by my own bees drinking off my sprinkler heads instead of the waterer I specifically made for them. They completely ignored my waterer. This morning I shut off the outside water...
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    Getting out of top feeder.........

    I have decided to stop feeding my two newly installed packages from 4/26/14. Is there any easy way to get the bees out of a top feeder other than "smoking" them out?:s
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    Re: Birds and bees

    My cats have made most of my yard bird free. The cats don't care about the bees, but they do keep the birds in check.
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    Re: Hello new beek here from Utah!

    Welcome! I'm new and in Salt Lake as well. My bees are in their hives and seem to be doing well. It is sooooooo hard not to look in on them every day. They have been going about their business...
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    Keeping sugar syrup warm

    I will be installing 2 packages of bees this weekend and I have read that bees will not take syrup under 50 degrees. Unfortunately, we will be having a cold spell in Salt Lake City with highs in the...
  18. Re: Picking up packages with public transit.........

    This is commuter heavy rail. There is no baggage option. I was planning to go early as possible for return Saturday morning (around 8am) for the fewest passengers.
  19. Re: Picking up packages with public transit.........

    No stunt, just getting my bees home and thinking about options to possibly be environmentally friendly. No sensationalism, no lawbreaking, no media coverage, just thinking of a different option...
  20. Re: Picking up packages with public transit.........

    Sorry Brad Bee, but here in Salt Lake City, we have the right wing media that would have the headline "Passenger brings deadly KILLER BEES on public transit". With the adjacent story, "Passenger...
  21. Re: Picking up packages with public transit.........

    Shinbone: I'm 53. I'm not looking for trouble, but I am an advocate of the benefits of public transit and willing to use it for my benefit. I have been known to try to work within the rules. I did...
  22. Re: Picking up packages with public transit.........

    Plan B is my wife at the ready to drive and pick me up. It may just be that my motivation is just to see if I get away with it. I asked for permission and wasn't told no. However, since the...
  23. Picking up packages with public transit.........

    I am "scheduled" to pick up my 2 new packages on Saturday between 7-9 AM. It is about a 45 minute drive from my home or a 45 minute heavy rail ride and 1/2 mile walk. I have a transit pass so there...
  24. Re: Honey Hive Farms, Give away!!! Win One of Three Prizes for 2014!!!

    I would love to win! I usually don't win, but I'll enter.
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    Re: Is the quest futile?

    The news media always presents everything in a "gloom and doom" fashion. Just last week we had a local headline of "Colonoscopy misses 6% of cancer". That means that it is 94% successful. I would...
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