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    Re: Swarm Cup Question

    A cup cell means nothing and does not necessarily indicate swarming is imminent.
  2. Thread: Round two

    by dkofoed

    Re: Round two

    not sure what you mean by a stone on top ... what do you need that for, other than if it's extremely windy in your area and you're worried about the hive cover blowing off?
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    Re: Warning to the wise

    The uncapped liquid you're seeing is nectar (or in your case, probably sugar syrup).
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    BC Government Recommendations

    One of the recommended practices by the BC government for beekeeping in May is this:

    •Reverse brood chamber during regular checks and replace frames that have 10% drone cells or more, with...
  5. Thread: Burr comb

    by dkofoed

    Re: Burr comb

    Yes - burr comb.

    Bees do it for a variety of reasons, one being as a "ladder" system to climb between frames easier. I generally leave it unless it's hindering me in some way.
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    Re: Simple 10 frame nuc question

    Would you instead add 3 or 4 medium frames of brood? And maybe one pollen/nectar frame?
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    Re: expanding your brood chambers....

    I think generally beekeepers who are running deep brood boxes stick to 2 brood chambers with x number of honey supers on top (often with a queen excluder above the 2 brood boxes). In a strong colony...
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    Simple 10 frame nuc question

    I'm planning on creating a nuc or two (first time) in a 10 frame medium. The nuc would consist of something like:

    - 2 frames of brood
    - 2 frames of honey
    - 1 frame pollen

    The simple question...
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    Re: Moving up frame to start second box

    In my experience they will move up quicker if you move a frame (or two) of brood. I usually tend to move two frames of brood up...
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    Swarm trap in beeyard

    If you catch a swarm in a bait hive that's in your apiary, can you just move that swarm into a hive in said same apiary (like 10 feet away), or do you have to move it a couple miles down the road?
  11. Re: Any studies on multiple controls for Varroa

    Just curious - you mention you run SBB OVER solid bottom boards ... doesn't that defeat the purpose of the SBB? I believe the point is that the mites fall through and get lost in the grass (or...
  12. Re: Whats the best way to uncap wax from a frame?

    Personally I like the looks of the motorized chain uncapper. Maybe just marginally expensive though, at 2 grand. :D
  13. Re: 2 questions: Time to Split and nuc body size

    good point - i fell into the unfortunate trap of calling it checkboarding when really that is related to interspersing empty frames into a honey super.

    I came across Mike's page on the unlimited...
  14. Re: 2 questions: Time to Split and nuc body size

    Michael - when you refer to opening the brood nest, are u referring to basically adding empty frames near the brood nest or checkerboarding?

    Regarding the Nuc question, I'm running 10-frame...
  15. Re: 2 questions: Time to Split and nuc body size

    I've got 10 frame mediums ... too much space for a nuc? I was thinking of doing a split (when necessary) and placing 6 or so frames of brood/honey/pollen and 4 empties (or something along those...
  16. 2 questions: Time to Split and nuc body size

    As stated, I have a couple of questions ... I'm a new beekeeper who just overwintered 2 hives. One hive is booming and has an excellent brood pattern and upon inspecting today I found some brood...
  17. Re: How long do you leave a swarm trap in the same location?

    I placed one in my backyard (miles away from my apiary), 8 feet up or so in tree ... it's a bit hidden from view and not at the edge of a big field or anything, so i just wonder if it's a viable...
  18. How long do you leave a swarm trap in the same location?

    How long do u leave a bait hive in the same spot before testing somewhere else? I mean, of course, if you haven't caught one yet ... a few weeks?
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    Spotty brood pattern VS hatched cells?

    One thing I've never quite got clarified is how to tell the difference between a "spotty" or weak brood pattern, and one where a bunch of bees have recently hatched out, giving it a similar "spotty"...
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    Re: Hive Painting or Thompson Water Seal

    How bout don't paint or seal? that's my plan going forward ... :)
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    Re: Best Topical for Bee Sting

    ++Plantain. It just works.
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    Re: can someone explain to me this hive

    What's the logic with letting them get that large though? Why not extract honey as you go and leave at most 2 or 3 supers on top?
  23. How far away from bee yard to place bait hive?

    Is there a recommended distance away from a beeyard for placing a swarm trap/bait hive?

    Maybe it's fine to place the trap right near hives, but I wonder if it could potentially encourage your bees...
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    Bees like sugar more than honey?

    My two hives still have a decent amount of stores, but I decided to add a bit of dry sugar mountain top style just in case I couldn't check weights for a couple months... Had a chance to look at them...
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    When can I do another sugar roll?

    I decided to not treat my two hives for varroa before wintering ... largely because I was conflicted about it (being a first year beekeeper) and also because I did a sugar roll in the fall and the...
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