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  1. Poll: Re: If you could start again, what size would you standardise on?

    8 frame. I tried doing all mediums but couldn't get out of deeps. We do removals where the cut comb better fits a deep and take in hot hives, which inevitably are in double deeps and get split 4...
  2. Re: New UPS rules for shipping bees? Anyone know more about this?

    Two changes will likely be coming: Packages will include fondant rather than sugar syrup and they'll revert back to the old wooden cages - the new plastic cages had a habit of deforming and leaking...
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    Re: Follower board and how many bars

    You got it. My wife should have some pics at

    We live in Austin but have land just north of Big Bend National Park. 80 acres bordering 1,000 acres of family land (not much...
  4. Re: Newbee planning to go foundationless - what frames to get?

    Any frames will do. The Kelley F-Frames are particularly nice. No need to add wax.
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    Re: Follower board and how many bars

    Build all the bars you need (and a few extra).
    Follower boards are debateable but I don't think they hurt as long as you keep up with moving them.
    I can't view the pic but, we run (4) 1" holes and...
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    Re: Spring is late in northeast Texas

    We were in Brenham over the weekend and Bluebonnets were coming on strong in spots and I saw an odd patch of Blanket Flower. It's coming your way...
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    Re: Spotty brood pattern VS hatched cells?

    This is usually true when they are working into a clean frame of drawn comb or freshly drawing comb. Those text book perfect pictures fall apart in real life. Lacking a clean slate, a queen "lays...
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    Re: Should I split a first year hive?

    You haven't picked up the girls for your first date and you are already talking kids...
    It's too early to ask about splitting, slow down. You are getting way ahead of yourself.
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    Re: cutdown split for tbh

    Gotta look inside to assess what you've got. Unless they are exploding out of those 9 old comb and drawing new white comb I wouldn't consider a split. Opening up the SIDES (or one side depending on...
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    Re: cutdown split for tbh

    We run a bunch of 4 foot TBH hives split in half. We run a fixed division board that is bee tight (ours are screwed in place). We run these to grow brood for nucs and they have to be constantly...
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    Re: 1:1 mixture

    Fluid stays in the container because of a vacuum rather than because the liquid is of a higher viscosity.

    When you initially invert the container some leakage is normal. If it continues leaking...
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    Re: Aggressive Top Bar Hives Dilemma

    I've had plenty of hot hives and frequently take them off peoples hands, split them down and requeen on our rural property.

    I find some that are genuinely hot but it's about 50/50 termperment and...
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    Re: Who is NOT small cell but successful?

    Within an hour or so of me:

    Daniel Weaver (BeeWeaver Apiaries) 1,000+ colonies
    E.T. Ash - 100+ colonies
    Dennis Brown (LoneStar Farms) had 500 at one point but I think down to 20 or 40

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    Re: distance from front of hive to fence

    They'll fly right through an open fence like that. We run similar fence in our apiary and they don't seem to notice. It is convenient for the beekeeper to leave walking room in front of the hive.
  15. Re: Spring brood box reversal with mediums

    On my triple mediums what I'm typically finding is that the bottom box is empty, the middle is full of brood and the top has honey stores with a little brood starting into the bottom edge of it. ...
  16. Re: Why so wide? Building some beehives...

    That 1 3/8th width is true for new clean frames but once they are gummed up with propolis they start to grow. Also a little extra space helps to avoid rolling and killing bees (possible the queen)...
  17. Re: What Advice Would You Give to Someone That is Open Feeding Honey From Unknown Sou

    When you say "Open Feeding" do you mean someone opening up buckets and tipping barrels of honey or a homeowner or hobbyist playing with a few quarts?

    I'd be more concerned with someone in my bees...
  18. Re: What Advice Would You Give to Someone That is Open Feeding Honey From Unknown Sou

    The question is somewhat silly and open ended. Are you suggesting someone is open feeding honey in buckets and barrels? And then in turn you've posted links to burning because of AFB. Obvious you...
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    Re: Hello from Texas

    Welcome neighbor!
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    Re: Cost of shipping queens

    USPS has done us well for queen deliveries (of course there's a bottle of honey and a note left in the mail box for our carrier a few days ahead of time). Local carrier makes sure the branch knows...
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    Re: Selling candles, success stories?

    We sell the heck out of 1 oz blocks for $1 each. And we sell a lot of lip balm at $3 or 2/$5.

    The 12 oz hex jars would probably market very well with a ribbon attaching a little gift card...
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    Re: Texas Cottage Bill

    Two parts in it give me concern:

    "SELLS or DISTRIBUTES the honey that the beekeeper PRODUCES either personally or with the help of the beekeepers immediate family"

    This is a prohibition on...
  23. Re: Question about buying "RAW" Honey and "Real Bee Pollen" ..

    Pollen in honey is minimal, the bees filter out most of it. Pollen is pretty small, the biggest structures run around 250 microns (and that's wind blown = not collected bees). You can screen (or...
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    Re: Hop Guard II

    Please note that it kills the phoretic mites (those on the bees), not mites in capped brood and doesn't prevent mites.

    It is inserted into the brood nest and I have noticed that some bees "don't...
  25. Re: How long do most newbies stay with beekeeping?

    While relative newbees, we picked it up fast and are we're pretty active in the beekeeping community. Her background is medicine and adult education and mine is animal husbandry and process...
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