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  1. Swarm box to hive body - how long to wait to make the move?

    I capture swarms in a 6 frame nuc box. Then, I usually forget about the swarm in the box till I see it is overcrowded. Do any of you have a certain time you wait to change the girls into a full hive...
  2. Need to liquify crystalized honey in plastic 5 gallon bucket,

    My big mistake of the winter was not noticing a 5 gallon plastic bucket did not have a good lid seal. It is now crystalized. Have any of you been able to reverse this situation without melting the...
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    Driving a swarm out of ceiling joist ideas?

    I had a call today about a swarm that arrived in a ceiling two days ago. The owner has a very fancy ceiling with custom wallpaper and decorative mouldings. the house is brick. The owner would like me...
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    Wax moth cocoon destruction options

    What can one do to kill wax moths in their cocoons other than mechanically scraping them off the wooden ware and frames?
  5. Need clues to find bees in poured concrete building

    I've removed bees from structures for 15 years, but today I could not even find them anywhere near where they should have been. The building has poured concrete walls 12' high. Concrete slab floor....
  6. Re: Any ideas on what I saw going on in the beeyard this morning?

    Well no doubt it was a small swarm. That it came back towards 2 colonies @15' apart was the mystery. I wondering if a supercedure was taking place and one of the extra queens ran off with a small...
  7. Any ideas on what I saw going on in the beeyard this morning?

    About 9 AM I heard the sound of a swarm. There was no such activity coming out of the 12 colonies I have at this location. !5' up in a dogwood, I saw a swarm about the size of a baseball-very small...
  8. Re: Need method to move swarm from empty nuc to one with frames

    Thanks for all your replies to my situation. I took an empty, bottomless nuc and an empty nuc super out to the girls around noon. They had taken about a pint of the sugar water so it seemed they...
  9. Need method to move swarm from empty nuc to one with frames

    Yesterday afternoon a swarm from who knows where flew into the shelter where I keep my extra equipment. I have nice nuc boxes with comb sitting on top of stacks of empty supers, but these girls...
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    Dry one(?) pesticide potency

    A pesticide guy called me to do a cut out at an apartment building. His helper, in order to supposedly to help me, dusted the colony entrance the night before my job with something called Dry One. I...
  11. Thread: Comb fungus

    by beepowers

    Comb fungus

    I have some supers I have not used yet this year, and maybe won't as it is late to expect a harvest in the lower edge of the Piedmont in NC. I was going through a stack of previously used supers and...
  12. Why don't the girls don't want to clean up loose honey?

    I just finished a nasty removal which involved collecting several gallons of uncapped honey (probably lost as much on the ladder, gloves, clothes, tools etc). I brought it back to the bee yard and...
  13. Bee Loss: could Fukushima be playing a role?

    As researchers try to find the culprit in the increasing loss of bees, do any of the studies look at radiation levels in the colonies? Lot's of strange results showing up around the world now, some...
  14. Re: Quession about sugar for Michael Bush, or volunteers

    Michael, thanks, I'll give it a try. FYI, I've used a tsp or lemon juice per quart and all has been quiet. WJP
  15. Quession about sugar for Michael Bush, or volunteers

    With the "dearth" on here in Charlotte, NC area, I'm doing a bit of feeding to the cut-outs and small swarms I've brought home. At M. Bush's presentation to Mecklenburg County Beekeepers on 8/5 he...
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    Trapout mystery

    On Sunday July 8 I set up a trap to remove bees from the cinder block walls of a microwave (or whatever) relay station. On Tuesday afternoon, I got a call from the owners, managers and tennants that...
  17. Done queenless with no supercedure or swarm cells

    For the 5th ot 6th time (at least) this year, I have a colony that has gone queenless, and the girls have not shown any evidence of constructing supercedure or swarm cells. To make sure I'm not...
  18. How many times will a queen re-use a cell in a brood box ?

    Just wondering if anyone has done the research on how many times a queen will re-use a cell in the brood box.
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    Re: Thoughts on metal hive body

    Several years ago I found a railroad tariff classification for metal bee hives. I've asked around the railroad and bee suppliers and no one can tell me about them. They sure would not help keep bees...
  20. How should I handle a colony that was hit by a pest control company?

    Just did a cut-out after a homeowner gave up on a pest control spray company. Doing the work, it looks like maybe 5% of the bees got killed. Spraying was done on the entrance only, which is a copper...
  21. Do horse meds sicken, kill or weaken bee colonies?

    I have 3 bee yards, with one being at a horse farm. All yards are on the edge of hardwood forests providing maple, holly and tulip poplar. The colonies at the horse farm are filling with dead bees....
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    How many beekeepers in USA?

    Can any provide a recent estimate of the number of all types (from 2 to 1,00's of colonies) of honey bee keepers in the USA?
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    What is it about bees and trucks?

    My wife who is in China doing business reports that a truckload carrying 250 hives jack- knifed in a tunnel near Shanghai. It seems every month or so I read of a truck load of bees having difficulty....
  24. Free to anyone 15 empty bee packages (Charlotte, NC)

    If anyone wants 15 empty bee packages, they are yours to pick up in Waxhaw, NC. Let me know, first come, first serve.
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    Re: Colony Awareness of Other Colonies

    They are all aware of which hive(s) is/are weak and seek an opportunity to rob.
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