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  1. Re: What is it you love most about beekeeping?

    The first round of eggs and brood from a newly mated queen that I've raised. I feel like papa every time. :D
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    Re: New Zealand White clover

    Bees love it here. It blooms the season after it has survived a winter, or in the second year as it goes. That being the case, it's better to plant it in late summer/early fall so that it is...
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    Re: Adding a second hive body below supers

    You could add it now, between the existing hive body and supers, pulling up two frames as you said. I would make it two frames of open larva, as the larva needs feeding and will get the bees drawing...
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    Re: Black Hairless Virus conibued

    Chronic Bee Paralysis
    (Hairless black syndrome)
    Viruses are pieces of genetic material that parasitize a host cell, making...
  5. Re: Need Help - Emergency/Superseedure cells found, now looking to combine

    I would destroy all the queen cells to insure no swarming and to insure that a virgin did not emerge and kill your good queen. Newspaper combine is the way to do it, yes. Good luck into winter.
  6. Re: Removing Queen Cells from PLASTIC foundation

    A previous thread here...
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    Re: Should I Combine Now

    Yes as Stan.Vick says, it takes bees to make more bees.
    Both hives bees chew through the newspaper, makes a common task between both hives, helps them join together peacefully.
  8. Thread: Nuc advise

    by RayMarler

    Re: Nuc advise

    Either way could work. How strong do you expect the golden rod flow to be? Answering that may give you insight as to which way to do it.
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    Re: Should I Combine Now

    It's sometimes an odds game. Two weak hives that may not build up in time for winter season, or one stronger hive that has a better chance. I'd combine them, that way the combine might be strong...
  10. Re: Removing Queen Cells from PLASTIC foundation

    Yes, I do it by carefully scraping them off with a hive tool.
  11. Re: Break up during moving, fix first thing or let them quiet down?

    I myself would go back mid morning to straighten them out and get the straps for the next load. Waiting till mid morning, most foragers will be out foraging so would be less bees in the boxes.
  12. Re: Lots of eggs, no capped brood, very little forage (low workforce)

    Agree with JRG13 and also, put on a box of drawn comb, it's too late to make they try to draw wax in their condition. With drawn comb, it gives immediate storage space for the feed and brood space...
  13. Re: Are landing boards simply just a waste of wood? ( and paint? )

    Very interesting, thank you for posting this.
  14. Re: Are landing boards simply just a waste of wood? ( and paint? )

    I really don't think bees need them.
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    Re: Hives side by side East booms, west sags

    Perhaps the major flows are to the east. As the bees come home loaded up with nectar, they are heavy and tired and could be going to the closest hive on the way home. I would try facing the entrances...
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    Re: Will this work?

    I agree, it could work. However, it could also fail. You will just have to take a peak in a week and see what is up with them. Sometimes what we want bees to do or think they will do, is not what...
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    Re: SF Bay Area Beekeepers Forum

    My pleasure Charlie and by the way, there is also a Northern California Beekeepers group as well...
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    Re: spider eating bees

    Ah yes, beehives to attract the black widows. Must be careful as I work hives without gloves.
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    Re: SF Bay Area Beekeepers Forum

    I thought it might be nice to have a San Francisco and Bay Area group, so created this for you Bigfish. It's brand new so maybe some other's will start posting in it with you, Odfrank, Charlie B and...
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    Re: Mobile version problem

    Try reducing the font size in your browser for beesource. I have the same problem you are describing when my font size is set larger, reducing the font size cures the problem.
  21. Re: Can I still try grafting/raising some queens?

    Do you have drawn comb? Raising the queens and getting them mated should happen still, but do you have enough drawn comb? It's starting to get late, getting bees to draw comb is going to get harder...
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    Re: is this some kind of scam?

    It's a scam. You get their email address which is worth nothing, they get your name, address, and phone number. Don't get taken in on this one.
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    Re: Need help ASAP

    Just shake all the bees off of the nuc box into the new hive box.
  24. Re: Too late in the season to rearrange the brood nest?

    If your fall flows are strong enough for the bees to pull in extra honey above and beyond what is needed for them to raise the brood that they want into winter, then yes it should work fine. If your...
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    Re: Bees not capping honey

    They won't cap the honey cell unless the cell is full. It may be dry from being uncapped for a long time in low humidity locations, from periods of dearth when the cell did not get filled up enough...
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