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    Re: dove tail joints

    I have a beautiful cast iron Porta-cable dovetail jig that comes with a box joint template also. I use the box joint template because I am making hive boxes not custom furniture. When I am making...
  2. Even a blind squirrel can be lucky enough to find a nut.

    I am a first yr beekeeper. I bought a 10 frame colony from my local keeper. I put on a second hive body and was feeding 1 to 1 ratio in a top feeder for about 2 weeks so they would draw comb. We...
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    Hello from Little Rhody.

    I am a first year beekeeper w/ 2 hives. I purchased enough new woodenware for 10 hives(50 mediums) from a gentleman who kept hives in the 1980's. I loaded my van with everything he had, woodenware,...
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