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    2 3/4 vs 2 7/8

    I am planning to build some top feeder boards and I've googled around to try and find the right size hole to cut. Some say 2 3/4, others 2 7/8. I would have to special order the 2 7/8 hole saw. Will...
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    Ulster Obs Hive

    This past week we took the girls out in my Ulster Observation Hive to a bee class that my wife is teaching for her homeschool group.

    The colony was split off my other larger colony on Wednesday,...
  3. 2013 Beginning Beekeeping Class, Fort Smith, AR - 2/25, 3/4, 3/11

    Beginning Beekeeping
    February 25th, March 4th & 11th

    Jon Zawislak, Master Beekeeper for the University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture, will be returning to provide training for those...
  4. Thread: Ulster OH

    by cptncatholic

    Ulster OH

    I recently bought a new Ulster observation hive. I've been wanting to do an OH ever since I made the decision to become a beeker last year.

    Here's a photo:...
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    Getting caught up...

    I've gotten a bit behind on my hive inspection videos, so one of my goals for this past weekend was to get all the footage edited and uploaded. Here they are:

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    New hive inspection - 8/5/2012
  7. Re: Inpection 6/29/12 - No Eggs, Comb Damage, Feeding and Robbing

    Spoke to some of the other beekers in my church and they are having a lot of the same issues as me. One of them has lost 5 hives... 8O I'll keep asking around. There's a guy close by who is going to...
  8. Re: Inpection 6/29/12 - No Eggs, Comb Damage, Feeding and Robbing

    Consolidated things down to one box just now and I'm asking around to see if anyone has any brood frames they can spare. And the moment, everyone I've talked to is having similar issues. Too much...
  9. Inpection 6/29/12 - No Eggs, Comb Damage, Feeding and Robbing

    Did an inspection Friday night and still found no eggs and no sign of a queen. It's been hot and dry for weeks so I also decided to add an entrance feeder. That led to a robbing issue that I needed...
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    Re: Robbers on the entrance feeder

    Thanks for the feedback. I'm going to go remedy the situation now...
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    Robbers on the entrance feeder

    I'm in the Arkansas river valley. We haven't had rain for several weeks so last night I put an entrance feeder on with syrup in it. Today I see bees all over it, but I also see some bees in mortal...
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    My "Coming Out" of the Apiary video

    Put together a video to announce my new beekeeping hobby to the rest of the world... :D

    Will be posting more videos soon!!
  13. 5/11/2012 inspection - Issues with Hive #1

    Hey gang! I shot a video of the hive inspection that my son and I did yesterday. He narrated quite a bit! ;)

    I have some concerns about the first...
  14. Re: 10 days after swarm install, Queen cell?

    yes he did! Thanks for asking! We looked at it last Thursday, and really we couldn't find it. So, I don't know if it was some burr comb that they built up or something, but definitely not a queen...
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    Re: Excitedly new!

    Hey B&B! I'm not too far away from you in Arkansas! :)
    I just started keeping bees and installed my first hive from a swarm on 4/13. I'm going to hopefully get another swarm here in the next week....
  16. 10 days after swarm install, Queen cell?

    I hived this swarm 11 days ago and did my first full inspection on them yesterday.

    I got some video footage of the inspection. Everything went really well and I saw a lot of progress on building...
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    Re: 3 days after install

    Looking good!
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    Re: A local bee tree

    Beautiful pic! How did you hear about this tree?
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    Re: Hello from Sunny Jamaica

    Welcome!!! I'm new to beekeeping as well! Would love to see some photos of your hives from sunny Jamaica in our photo sharing section! :)

    The people here are wonderful, I've already gotten a lot...
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    Re: Having problems logging into chat

    Google Chrome is the only way I can do the chat...

    Firefox doesn't even work for me. But I'm also running Ubuntu Linux, not Windows.

  21. Re: my hives & apiary . . . just need some swarms


    I'm glad that I picked up those blocks today! Right after lunch I got a call from the president of our beekeeper's association and he said that a member had two swarms from his hives. So...
  22. Re: my hives & apiary . . . just need some swarms

    Okay, you guys convinced me!


    I picked up some blocks this morning at the HW store.

    And there is my swarm catchin' box with all my tools inside it.

    Thanks for all your feedback and...
  23. Re: my hives & apiary . . . just need some swarms

    Thanks for all the feedback everyone!

    @ concrete-bees, I worried that after I stacked 8 or 10 supers or each of those boxes that the stand might not be able to support the weight of the hive....
  24. Re: my hives & apiary . . . just need some swarms

    I joined our local Beekeepers Association and they have a Swarm List. If someone calls the police or county extension office to report a swarm, they call the Association, and the association just...
  25. my hives & apiary . . . just need some swarms

    I'm just about ready to go! Here are some photos of my hives and the apiary in my backyard.
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